Kelly Slater Komunity Code Traction Pad

Komunity by Kelly Slater

Traction Pads - Komunity Project by Kelly Slater

Kelly has worked to provide a varied range of traction/grip pads to suit a range of surfers. The distinguishing features are kicks heights, arch heights, custom grips patterns and shape to fit an array of surfers and surfing styles. All his kick pads feature 11x Boost Tail Kick made from high density EVA. (EVA is a soft plastic known for it's comfort attributes, you can read about it here  )

Benefit's of Kelly Slater Komunity Code Model;

  • Personalize your Post/Zip Code
  • Three + Two = Five piece pad
  • 13"/330mm long
  • Elevated square grip
  • 20mm kick
  • 10mm Arch
  • 3M Adhesive
  • 11x Boost Tail Kick(high density EVA)
  • Includes Wax Comb

This 5 piece pad is pretty cool! You can customize your own traction pad by inserting your own numbers. It comes with a number sheet containing 4 each of the following #'s; 0123456789.