Surfboard Rack | 3 Board Horizontal


This beautiful dark stained wood surfboard rack is perfect for storing AND showing off your boards in any room. The elegant finish give it appeal while the design gives it function. You can store as many as 3 boards, even heavy longboards! The arms have purpose built "notches" allowing you to tilt your board up for display. Or simply lay them flat for general storage.


  • Beautiful natural hardwood base plate and arms
  • Easy mounting
  • Will fit ANY surfboard, wake, kite, snow too!
  • Made for storage or board display
  • Arms are 45 degree angle
  • Protective rubber strip to ensure board safety

The racks arms are 14 inches long and spaced 7 inches apart. You can also make this 3 board rack a 2 board rack and display both boards in an upright position for optimum visual.