About Us

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Welcome to RackYourBoard.com!

 Who are we? Here's the story

We are a couple of childhood friends who grew up skateboarding together in and around Baltimore, MD. At the age of 12, Jamie and Brad began learning basic tricks on their skateboards together.  Soon this friendship progressed into a more serious career of filming and editing skateboard videos, where they both found their passion in the sport.

Years later, Jamie moved to Myrtle Beach and began surfing and Brad was off to Pennsylvania where he perfected his skateboarding and photography skills. After a year in Denver, CO checking out the mountains and snowboarding, Jamie headed back East and the two were reunited, forming the super-team that is Rack Your Board.

 What Can You Expect From Us?

You can expect the principles of dedication, passion, and a general love for board sports to show in everything we do.  We're not some big company without a face, we are just like you.  We're passionate about our sport and, as a result, we're passionate about protecting our boards.  If you have any questions whatsoever or just want to connect, give us a shout out at:





Your Friends@RYB