SUP Rack-Wall Angle | Calfin


Calfin surf racks are super functional, purpose built, and possibly the easiest racks to mount on the market today. All Calfin surf racks come with mounting hardware and requires very little "know how" to successfully mount them. Heavy Duty lag bolts for mounting are included. They are proudly made in the USA. But what is more, is they source their raw materials from American suppliers too. Giving you a 100% USA made product! This rack is extra sturdy and extra wide to accommodate even those "big boy" stand up paddle boards.

Benefits of Calfin Angle SUP Rack;

  • High strength steel box tubing 5/8"x5/8"
  • Super soft foam padding for protection
  • Protective custom vinyl end caps
  • Heavy duty lag bolts for mounting
  • Ideal for any size SUP
  • Quality Zinc plated bolts

The SUP will fit nicely into the rack in a position angled back towards the wall. The rack is tough enough but small enough you can mount more boards above or below it in the same fashion.

Need help with the Install? Check out our video below: