Surfboard Tie-Downs | Thule Lockable Stap


  • High Quality Straps made by Thule
  • Steel Core to Prevent Theft
  • Includes 2, one key lock cylinders
  • Rubberized Housing protects vehicle from scratches

What It Holds:

  • 3 Surboards
  • 2 SUPs
  • 1 kayak

Theses lockable straps by Thule are the perfect solution if you need to leave your gear on your vehicle rooftop for an extended period of time.  Whether you're going to work after a morning session or have errand to run before the beach, these straps will protect your boards while also preventing theft.  

With steel core straps and a lockable mechanism, its nearly impossible to cut through or untie these straps, keeping your boards safe for when you're ready to use them.