Huntington Surfer Gutterless Vehicle Surfboard Rack


The Surfer by Huntington is a re-creation of the old school hard surfboard roof top racks. The hard style racks are typically the most safe, especially for long trips and higher vehicle speeds. This Snubber 50" gutterless long center bar will fit most small to mid size vehicles. It has E.P.D.M. adjustable rubber straps with foam pads to protect your boards. If your car doesn't have gutters, this is the rack system for you!


  • 50" bar will fit most vehicles
  • Adjustable E.P.D.M. rubber straps
  • Foam padded center bar
  • For vehicles with no gutters
  • Easy install!

Here is a list of vehicles we know the Huntington Surfer Gutterless Rack WILL NOT fit;

2010 Ford Mustang/2010 Ford F150 Single Cab