Gatekeeper Modular Surfboard Rack System


Here is the chance to design the perfect rack to fit your exact rack needs. Want to rack a SUP and a shortboard? No problem. Multiple board styles in the same rack? You can do it here!

1st, choose the mounting track (packaged in pairs)

  • 24" - WRMT24 2 longboards or 3 shortboards
  • 36" - WRMT36 3 longboards or 4 shortboards
  • 48" - WRMT48 4 longboards or 6 shortboards

2nd, choose the support arms to fit your needs (packed in pairs)

  • WRMH level support arm for long & shortboards
  • WRMHSUP level support arm for SUP's
  • WRMOR on rail support arm for long & shortboards
  • WRMORSUP on rail support arm for SUP's
  • WRMDR down rail support arm for long & shortboards
  • WRMDRSUP down rail support arm for SUP's


Benefits of Gatekeeper On Rail Racks;

  • High quality Nitrile Foam tubing
  • 1,2 & 3 board capacity
  • Support arms are 11" apart for big fins
  • Arms tips are angled for easy on/off
  • All steel welded construction
  • Sturdy 1" steel support arms
  • Wide support base for strong mounting
  • Install fasteners (1/4"x3" lags and flat washers)
  • Holds Shortboards AND Longboards

Gatekeeper Surfboard Racks steal the show when it comes to rugged construction and functionality. In fact, functionality is their main goal. But their attractive simple design will allow you to proudly install them in any room in your house. The unique support arm shape allows for easy on/off, without accidental damage to your board. All racks have quality Nitrile Foam Tubing to ensure board safety, no scrapes or scratches. A matte black powder coat finish is applied to all racks. All the mounting hardware you will need is included in every Gatekeeper Rack.