SUP Ceiling or Wall Storage Rack | Longboard & Paddleboard Mount


This ceiling mounted SUP rack can be used also for wakeboards, snowboards, or really any board you need out of the way of everyday life. It is made from heavy, durable galvanized steel and a protective cover/coating. Hang paddle boards, surboards or any other board up out if the way in your garage, utility room, car port or where ever you choose.
  • Holds any size Paddle board, Surfboard or Longboard.
  • Made from galvanized steel and is powder coated to keep from rusting
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Strong enough to hold any size SUP.
  • Protective weather resistant foam.


  • Opening of 10.5"
  • Width is 26" from the center of the bend to the end of the arm 
  • Padded rack arm is 1.25" in diameter.