Steel Core Soft Surboard Rack

Steel Core

This Steel Core soft surfboard rack will give you the piece of mind to leave your boards unattended. Mounting in the same fashion as regular soft racks, but providing high level security.

Steel Core security straps are the highest level of security for your vehicle mounted soft roof racks. The straps are cut resistant; made with Steel. The buckles are locking style with a single key. Even though they are "bank vault" tough, they remain simple and easy to install and use. Works the same as regular soft racks: straps run through the car and over the roof then the Steel Core Surf Carrier attaches to those roof straps.

Benefits of Steel Core Racks;

  • Cut resistant strap made with Steel
  • Key locking buckles
  • Quick and easy set up and use
  • Pair of standard 12' security tie downs
  • Security surf carrier