Ocean & Earth Multi Purpose Rax


Ocean & Earth Multi Purpose Rax car top surfboard rack is truly reliable, practical and portable. Easy to set up and take down. High quality EVA foam pads keeps handles and zips clear of the roof. One truly appreciated feature is the "Hum Free" driving. Ocean & Earth Multi Purpose Rax achieve this by using twist webbing straps to prevent that annoying wind generated humming noise. This Rack system is designed with all the same features as their Rap Rax, but for multi purposes - Snowboards/Skis/Shortboards/Longboards/Wakeboards etc.

Benefits of Ocean & Earth Multi Purpose Surf Rack;

  • Designed with versatility for ANY load
  • Rust-proof metal cam buckles
  • Neoprene padded buckles for protection
  • UV treated straps for long life
  • Aerodynamic EVA foam pads
  • Hum free driving
  • Fits cars without roof gutters
  • Re-usable ventilated carry bag
  • Tough Texture PVC top panel to prevent
          sharp edges from cutting rax