SUP Wheels


Tired of lugging your SUP to the beach over your shoulder or under your arm?  Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best one:  TAKE YOUR BIKE!  Attach SUP Wheels to the back seat to bring your board with you.  Features include:
  • No assembly or tools needed 

  • 14” Wheels - rolling over curbs and sand without sinking

  • Solid rubber tires - never go flat

  • Specialized foam covers frame - UV resistant & board safe

  • EPDM rubber bungee - UV resistant and extremely strong 

  • Aluminum axle - salt water resistant, light and strong

  • Stainless fasteners  - for outdoor use / salt water resistant

  • Up to 90 lbs (40kg), supports 2 SUP boards on one set of SUP Wheels ® (strap required and coming soon as an option)

  • Removable wheels - compact storage (with pegs) or carry on board

  • Storage pegs allow you to attach the wheels to the side of the carrier frame.

  • Flex frame variable width is 15” (38cm) to 12” (30 cm)

  • Flex frame variable height is  6” (15 cm) to 4” (10 cm) - good for race or regular stand up paddle boards.