Detachable Surfboard Bike Rack

Moved By Bikes

The Moved By Bikes Detachable Surfboard Bike rack is truly one of the leaders in the industry.  This innovative rack comes with mounting hardware to fit ANY BIKE. You heard that right, if one of the pins doesn't fit around your bike headtube, there are 2 larger sizes included in every kit. The rear rack can either attach under your seat or to an existing rear rack (or any flat surface really) The best part about this rack is that it has been designed with quick release bars for an easy installation and removal between surf sessions without any tools.

Additional Features:

  • Aluminum and Stainless steel construction means added strength and no rusting
  • Detachable bars for easy on/off between swells
  • 3 separate U-Bolt options included to ensure fit to bikes off all sizes/styles
  • Adjustable bars to handle both short and longboards
  • Cool company owned by surf enthusiasts