Top 5 Surfboard Racks at RackYourboard

A few people know the exact surfboard rack they are looking for. Most however, know that they want or need one, but are unsure as to the style, function or durability of the various kinds of surfboard racks. For those who are still in the "shopping" phase, this post will be of use as we list the top 5 racks on our site. ( the metrics we used to calculate the top 5 were number of sales and customer feedback ) View full article →

Calfin Surfboard Wall Rack Installation

Check out our short install video for the Calfin Surfboard Wall Rack. View full article →

Calfin Surfboard Racks - Quality Made In The USA

We've just added another line to our collection; Calfin Racks. They are built with quality 5/8" steel box tubing, protective Polyethylene foam padding and high end mounting hardware. All this extra effort makes for a ridiculously good surfboard rack. View full article →

Home Made Skateboard Rack

So after tripping on our boards in the garage for a while, we thought about how to make our own rack to get the boards off the floor and out of our way when not in use. We rounded up a few scrap pieces of wood, some screws, glue, cordless drill, tape measure and some other assorted tools. It isn't the best looking thing but it's functional. View full article →

Ocean&Earth Surf Gear

We have added a nice selection of Ocean&Earth surf gear. There is more to come but we have added a good selection of leashes, board bags and surfboard racks. View full article →

Komunity Project Surf Gear Now Available On

Komunity Project surf gear and apparel is now available for purchase through We are happy and excited to be marketing this high quality line of Surf accessories. "There are many products on the market today designed by surfers, for surfers. Komunity Project by Kelly Slater is top noch gear". View full article →

RackYourBoard Now Has Nice Rack™

Are you storing your boards with respect?

In our search to find great board storage options, the guys over at The Nice Rack™ caught our attention. The simple design was undoubtedly the 1st law of attraction. But as we dug a little deeper, we found out they use some great raw material for all of their surfboard racks as well. The base material is 1" sturdy steel, handy for boards in the larger category, but great for any size. They powder coat them for moisture protection and wrap them in quality nitrile foam. ( we had to google what "nitrile foam" was ) They are super functional, quick and easy to install and have a great price point!

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October 14, 2012


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We Are Proud Supporters Of Surfrider Foundation

 There is no question that Surfrider Foundation accomplishes an amazing amount of good. "Think globally, act locally" really does work in today's society. If everyone thought there was no merit in a single persons actions, then there would be no forward motion, or Surfrider Foundation for that matter. View full article →
October 02, 2012

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board racks ›   surf racks ›   surfboard racks › Has Launched!

Welcome! has officially launched to the world. Our mission is simple; to provide you with the very best storage racks for your boards. That's it, nothing fancy, wordy or pretentious. 

Like all other businesses, we have a story. If your interested in ours, check out ABOUT US

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