March 16, 2015


The Difference Between Stand Up Paddle Board Ceiling and Wall Racks

Are you looking for the perfect storage solution for your paddle boards and paddle board equipment? If so, then you may be considering either stand up paddle board wall racks or stand up paddle board ceiling racks for your home. But which is better? Here, we will take a look at the differences between these two types of racks. We will also help you to decide which one is better based upon your wants and needs. Before you invest in either stand up paddle board wall racks or stand up paddle board ceiling racks, be sure that you read this article and give it some thought.

Wall Racks

Stand up paddle board wall racks are meant to be mounted on your wall, as the name implies. Often, people see wall racks as not only a way to save space and properly store their board, but also as a way to show-off their board collection. Stand up paddle board wall racks may hold just one board. This configuration is the most common. Or they may hold a few. Wall racks are right at home in your garage, basement, or even in your living room.

Ceiling Racks

Stand up paddle board ceiling racks are meant to be mounted on your ceiling. They can go anywhere in your home, but most people put them in the garage or another place where they will be out of the way. Ceiling racks are less about showing off your collection and more about just finding a suitable space for your board. Many more stand up paddle board ceiling racks are designed to hold more than one board. They get your equipment up and out of your way when space is at a premium.

Final Verdict?

So which of these is best for your needs? If you have a smaller collection, but a few special boards you would like to show off in your living space, consider stand up paddle board wall racks. But if storing your equipment is just more important, or you have a lot of equipment, stand up paddle board ceiling racks might be your best bet. If you would like something that is available in more decorative styles, then the wall rack is most certainly the way to go. If utility is of more concern to you, then invest in a ceiling rack.

March 09, 2015


Why Every Boat and Yacht Needs a Stand Up Paddle Board Rack


Do you own a boat or a yacht? Love to go surfing or paddle boarding? If so, then you should consider a stand up paddle board rack for yachts or a stand up paddle board rack for boats. There are many reasons why customers like you will love their new stand up paddle board rack for boats or yachts. Here, we will tell you just a few reasons why we love these products ourselves.

Get Closer to the Action

Ever wish you could experience the big waves just a bit further out? Having a stand up paddle board rack for boats allows you to do just that! You can get closer to the action than ever before with a rack that allows you to take your equipment with you. You can even do so without taking up any extra space on your vessel. In some cases, you can even transport equipment for your friends the next time you find yourselves sailing the open waves together. So stop dreaming about catching that perfect wave and go out and do it, instead.

Hang Ten at Your Next Party

Yacht parties are awesome. Know what is even more awesome? Catching ten at your next party. Having a stand up paddle board rack for yachts can allow you to do just that. Load up all your guests and friends as well as your beloved boards. Even if not everyone at your party knows how to paddle board or surf (yet) you can still have some fun trying to teach them. But only if you already have your equipment on-hand. With you stand up paddle board rack for yachts you can bust out your equipment at just the right time of the evening.

Decorate Your Space

Surf boards and paddle boards look great as an addition to your yacht’s décor. Some stand up paddle board rack for yachts are just as beautiful as a beloved board is. Don’t you want to show off a few boards in your collection? Think about using handy stand up racks to add a bit of surfer style to your areas for sleeping or relaxing on your boat. Not only will this make your space look great, but it will also allow you to have your surfing equipment on hand when you need and want it the most.

5 Reasons to Get a Surfboard Rack for Your Garage

photo by customer Kevin Clairmont 

As with many other sports or activities, protecting surfing equipment to ensure its longevity is key to having a great time without worrying about heavy maintenance or high replacement costs. Surfboard racks for garage walls and rooms are proven to not only help them last longer, but to provide a creative piece to the area. Here are 5 reasons to get a surfboard rack for your garage.

1. They are practical.
Racks for the garage are sturdy and made with strong materials that will support your board in all of the right places. Whether the boards are custom or bought "as is," they can be expensive and hard to replace. Without the use of a rack, the surfboard can lose some of its original shape and performance, which will be sure to cause a wipeout and maybe even a broken board. 

2. They are stylish.
They are many styles of racks to choose from including: bamboo, foam, steel, plastic, wood, and aluminum. Some have straps, others have padded arms or hang from the ceiling. Whether they are vertical or horizontal, the boards are displayed and organized. Choosing a rack gets to show off your creative side just as much as choosing your boards did. 

3. They remind you to use your board.
Seeing your favorite surfboard all the time will undoubtedly remind you to take the next opportunity you get to ride some waves. Immediate access to throw it on you car rack will make the trip a lot easier to pack for during spontaneous occasions.

4. They are convenient.
Surfboards can get pretty large and take up a lot of space if you have multiple. Surfboard racks for garage walls or rooms provide a place where it belongs. The boards can be a hassle, but with a rack, you know where they are supposed to be returned for storage because that space has become the designated spot.

5. They are affordable. 
While some people may choose to make their own cheap racks, the ones sold in stores or online are already quite affordable. Depending on the style and how many boards you need mounted or displayed, some racks are only $20. 

The Journey to Sustainable: Hemp Surfboard Bags, Recycled Boardsox, and More

For those of you who have been following along since I took over Rack Your Board in August 2013, you know that we've been reaching towards the goal of becoming 100% Eco Friendly. This week, we made a huge stride towards that goal by partnering up with Derek Dodds and the awesome team over at Wave Tribe.

I hadn't heard of Wave Tribe before a few weeks ago but after doing some research, found out that they have been making some huge splashes in the surfing world since coming together.  After talking with Derek for a while about sustainability, surfing, saving the ocean, and all of the awesome non-profits like Surfrider Foundation that we both support, the only logical next step was to partner up.

So, over the last few weeks, I've been integrating awesome Wave Tribe products all over the site. Their surfboard bags are made from high quality eco hemp making them both tough and sustainable- not to mention the superb stitching and top of the line zippers on their bags.  They also use the eco hemp to make rooftop car surfboard racks that are priced lower than a lot of the big name brands.

The Wave Tribe Eco Boardsocks are sick as well- made from recycled P.E.T. After consumer recyclables have been collected and sorted by type at recycling centers, PET products are crushed, pressed into bales, shredded, and refined into PET flakes. These flakes are transformed into the raw materials that innovative companies transform into new products- like Wave Tribe Eco Boardsocks.

The Eco Surfboard Socks are capped off with a reinforced 5mm padded hemp nose for extra protection ( don't try to smoke it ;)


Wave Tribe also makes Surf Leashes from recycled plastic bottles! AND deck pads made from reinforced Cork.

Cork? Seriously.

Cork is stronger than plastic, while providing an even better grip for your feet.  On top of that, its lighter than plastic surfboard traction pads and naturally REPELS water and because it's made of soft cork, your knees won't get cut up while paddling out.

I could seriously go on forever about these guys- they are doing everything right and definitely fit in with the long term vision we have here at Rack Your Board, but the final, and probably the coolest thing they do is this:

Wave Tribe offers a full ONE YEAR warranty on all of their products.  This isn't some "sounds good on paper but not in practice" warranty either- it's the real deal.  If your leash breaks, Derek will send you another one for free- no joke.

Check out our new "Eco-Friendly" Category on the site which features products by Wave Tribe and our friends at Grassracks who make surfboard wall racks from bamboo. Little steps like these go a long way. By using eco-friendly products you can ensure the oceans, mountains and all of Mother Nature's beauty that we all enjoy so much is preserved for generations to come. 

5 Reasons Why Snowboarding is Better than Freestyle Skiing

If you have ever tried snowboarding then I won't need to convert you. The pure joy of freestyling on a powdery paradise is something you need try only once before you are hooked. If you ride, you know. Apparently the news from resorts this year is not good for fans of the sport, as the uppity newcomer of freestyle skiing gains in popularity. Snowboard wall racks are filling up with new style double tipped, shaped and fat skis. It is all in jest - the old us-versus-them mentality is long gone. But for those who are thinking of taking to the slopes this winter, here are five reasons why you should strap one board to your feet rather than two. View full article →

5 Reasons Snowboarding is Better than Crossfit


By now, most of us have come to realize that our New Year's Resolutions are harder to commit to then we had originally planned.

Come on, I know I'm not the only one that thinks that going to a gym and lifting heavy objects for an hour every day is about as entertaining as that Fly episode of Breaking Bad.

But there's good news- there's more than one way to meet your goal of working out more, and you can  actually have fun while doing it. Here are the 5 reasons Snowboarding is better than Crossfit.

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Getting Your Surfboard on the Car Rooftop: The Sportrack Fit Guide

Sportrack Fit Guide

There are the weekend warriors – student or worker drone types, or simply busy with business or family who are city folk during the week, but get out on certain weekends to enjoy all nature has to offer. For these, a soft rack may be the ideal option for mounting their equipment on the roof of their cars. They are quick to set up and take down, and can be fitted to the smallest grocery getter.

There are the serious outdoors people however, who are with their boards/bikes/skis/kayaks/etc. at every available moment. For these, a hard rack is the only way to go. It takes a bit more time, effort and money, but being able to take your gear anywhere in the most secure way possible is priceless. You will usually need to install aftermarket rails and a rack configuration that is specific to your particular vehicle’s make, model and year.

The SportsRack/Blocksurf Rooftop Rack Transport System is a good example of an all-in-one hard rack package to save you the trouble of mixing and matching the different parts of a hard rack. However you will still want to go through their Fit Guide to find the right model for your vehicle.

In the guide, the first thing to do is to find your car’s make, model and year in the first column of the compatibility table. The row your particular car is in will tell you the part number of the appropriate roof rack system. It will also show you whether you have an option for a short roof adapter, the weight limit your configuration will have, what accessories (roof box, board racks, kayak racks, etc.) will be compatible, and even some fit tips specific to certain types of cars.

If your car isn’t on the list or certain options aren’t available, contact us and we’ll help you find the right fit for your needs.

Rado Racks Surf Racks Now Available!


They're here! They're here!.

Rado Racks that is.  Born in the mountains of Colorado.  Constructed of Baltic Birch Wood and fresh mountain air ( along with some solid labor of course).  These racks are hands down, one of our favorite new additions to the store.

The racks are also super functional.  They're designed to fit virtually anything you can think of: Surfboards, Snowboards, Skateboards, Longboards, Skis, and they're rumored to be coming out with a Beast of a SUP rack in early 2015.  If you're on the fence about your next rack, we strongly recommend you check out their Baltic Surf Rack (seen below)




Stand Up Paddleboard Rack (Customer Photos)

Stand Up Paddleboard RackStand Up Paddleboard Rack

The Above images come from our customer and friend, Kevin Clairmont.  Kevin bought the Moose Rack Board Pro, SUP Rack for his racing Stand Up Paddle Board. He required a rack that was sturdy and allowed for generous depth due tot he size of his board.  Here's what else Kevin had to say about the rack:

"Having a degree in architectural design, I have a genuine appreciation for things which are well designed and built with quality in mind, thank you again for such a well designed product"

You can find the Moose Rack Board Pro on our site.  Make sure to check out our other SUP Racks and Surfboard Racks as well.

5 Tips for a (More) Successful Skate Trip

Skate Trip

It’s here—the first weekend that you and your friends actually have off work on the same days. You’ve decided to use this opportunity to set sail to new lands in search of good spots and good times. It is in this spontaneous rush to hit the streets however that common sense tends to fall by the wayside, leaving plenty of opportunity for frustration.

No skate trip ever goes according to plan, and if we expected them to, we wouldn’t be skating in the first place. Half the fun is winging it and figuring out the specifics along the way. Though certainly not comprehensive, these few simple reminders can go a long way in clearing up some necessary logistics and leaving your mind to focus only on the most important part: the skating. ( Click Title to read tips)

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