The 3 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Racks

Let’s be honest- if we could always have our Stand Up Paddleboards on display around the house, we would: In the living room, on the patio, mounted overtop of our king sized beds to symbolize our love and devotion to the ocean, etc… Unfortunately, other members of our immediate families may not be as stoked about replacing expensive paintings with your boards on the wall, and sometimes compromise can be good.

So when the time comes to put your SUPs out of the way and into safe storage, here are some of the best racks for doing so:

1.  Calfin Double SUP Ceiling Rack

This rack is perfect for those with more than one Paddleboard they need to store.  Super-easy assembly- complete with heavy duty lag bolts for attaching to your garage or basement ceiling.  The arms on this rack are bent slightly upward, giving you peace of mind that your board won’t come slipping out and crashing down on the top of your head.  Additionally, Calfin makes their racks right here in the good ole U.S. of A and the materials used to make them is also sourced from here in the states.  So, you’re not only supporting a small local business, but also one who has the support of Uncle Sam- and we all know Uncle Sam’s taste is impeccable.  


2.  CorSurf SUP Ceiling Rack

Made from galvanized steel, this rack makes wooden ones look dinky in comparison.  Weather protective coating makes this rack ideal for storing boards indoors or outdoors and its 180 degree bend gives you peace of mind that your big behemoth of a paddle board isn’t going anywhere once securely fastened inside it’s loving arms.  

As it should be, this rack is low maintenance (unlike your significant other who’s making you put your beautiful boards away into storage). Just kidding hon! CorSurf also makes other SUP and surfboard racks for garage like this one.


3.  Gatekeeper On Rail SUP Rack

For those with no ceiling space (or low ceilings), there is another option (there is ALWAYS another option ;).  This rack mounts easily to the garage or basement wall- with angled arms to keep your boards tucked up and out of the way. The arms are 11” apart for easy on/off for those of you who have boards with big fins  Easily mountable (we hung ours in less than 10 minutes) and complete with high quality nitrate foam tubing to prevent scratches on your babies.  

This rack comes in two versions as well- giving you the option to store one or two boards in the same space.  Gatekeeper is also a customer favorite- proving (to us at least) that their Wall and Ceiling Mounted SUP racks are some of the best on the market.

So there you have it: the 3 Best Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Racks. Go ahead and pick one up in our store and get your boards off the floor!  



3 Ways to Get Your Board to the Beach (without breaking your back)

Summer is upon us and the waves are looking good.  For the lucky few who live on the coast, it’s as easy as looking out your back window, picking up your board of the deck, and walking down to the water.  For the rest of us, the process is a bit more complicated.

Surfboards and Stand Up Paddleboards are heavy, and lugging them a few miles to the shore is easier said then done.  That’s why we’ve outlined the following 3 ways to get your board to the beach (without breaking your back)

1. Walking

Yes, the old, reliable way of transporting just about anything- walking.  If you live within a mile or 2 of the coast, walking makes sense.  For longer distances-well, I hope you have shoes with some arch support.  Carrying your board while walking may seem like a no brainer, and maybe that’s what makes it so god damned annoying.  Switching arms countless times, holding it under the arm with one hand, out in front of you with 2 hands, over the shoulder, etc…  Eventually you’ll get a system down, switching from one maneuver to the next as your hand slips and you drop your board to the ground again and again.

There is a solution for walkers however- Board slings.  Board slings are cheap, they’re simple, and they get the job done while preventing your board from getting dinged up miles away from the actual swell.

2.  Riding a Bike

For those within a 5 mile radius of the water,  taking a nice ride on your bike is a good way to warm up the legs before a solid session.  Chances are, you’ve tried holding your board under your arm while riding your bike to the beach before.  How did that work out?  Most likely, it resulted in more than a few drops, a sore arm, and some pre-surf exhaustion.  You need a surf rack for bike to help get you there.

Several surfboard racks for bikes are even detachable so you don’t have to leave the damn thing on while you’re just riding your bike around on a daily basis. Instead of uninstalling and re-installing the rack, why not just pop it on when you’re heading to the beach?  Plus, you won’t be floored from holding the board and biking with one hand, which by the way is a bit of a safety hazard ;)

3.  Taking the Car

For those us us who live 10 miles or more from the beach, the car is really the only viable option to get there- we don’t have all day after all!

Depending on the type of car you have, there are several different options for transporting your board.  For small cars, there are surfboard racks for car rooftops.  For pickup trucks, there are surf and sup racks for trucks beds.  For even larger vehicles, you’ll need surfboard racks for suv.

No matter what your vehicle type, there is always a way to attach and secure your board, so there are no unexpected surprises in the windshield of whoever is driving behind you.

So get out there!  The surf looks great!  Just remember to have a plan ahead of time for transporting your board, or you could end up with dings from the sidewalk instead of the swell. 

Why Surfers Have Always Been Eco-Friendly


In the late 2000’s there was an eco-friendly boom.  It seemed that every company was jumping on the train.  Clorox was making bleach alternatives from orange zest and lime, Skateboard companies experimented with bamboo and recycled maple, and even Fast food chains replaced their styrofoam cups with a more eco-friendly paper version that was recyclable.

Yes things were looking up.  The Green fad was the newest, coolest thing to be a part of.  But for surfers, this fad wasn’t new or incredibly groundbreaking as most in the media made it out to be.

For decades, surfing culture has gone hand in hand with being eco-friendly.  Surfers have a unique relationship with Mother Nature- one that takes years of sitting in the swell to develop.

Surfers understand that Earth is valuable, precious even, and that it’s up to them to take care of it.

The most heartbreaking thing you can experience during a morning set is paddling out, finding that perfect wave, standing up, and then noticing floating debris all around you.  After pulling out of the break early, you pick up one of the items that got in your way and discover it’s a plastic bottle.  Upon further inspection, you realize that you’re surrounded by trash that was brought in overnight by the tide.  This is a very real occurrence and happens more than non-surfers like to think.

Because of our intimate relationship with nature, surfers have been eco-conscious for years.  Understanding that trash doesn’t just “go away”, rather, that it has to go somewhere else, is the biggest misconception that most in society just don’t seem to understand.

“I don’t have time to recycle” is a common excuse.  Well, you’re not going to have any time at all if you keep treating the planet like your personal trashcan.

Further,  several surfer-owned companies have gone above and beyond when looking for materials to produce their goods with.  Right here on Rack Your Board, we carry Surfboard racks for home made out of bamboo by a company called Grassracks.

Other companies such as Sustainable Surf take it upon themselves to educate the surf community about sustainability and recycling at major surf events.  They also engage in projects that produce green products such as the ECOBOARD project which has gained support by organizations such as SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturer’s Association).  

Today, you can find almost any alternative to a traditional surf good made from sustainable materials.  A great example of this can be seen in the company Wave Tribe.  Wave Tribe makes surfboard and SUP racks for cars out of hemp as well as deck pads from cork, leashes out of recycled plastic, and Board bags from hemp.  

As the green bubble bursts over traditional “trendy” society, it’s up to surfers and others around this community to pick up the pieces.  We as surfers understand that protecting the environment not only enables us to have better sessions, but to protect our families, our communities, and our first true love: surfing. 


The 3 Best Surfboard Racks for Car this Summer

Can you believe it’s May already?  Less than a month ago we were out in Colorado, breathing in the fresh mountain air and carving up Loveland Pass and Copper Mountain and now it’s 80 degrees out and the itch is back.

What itch you ask?  Well, I do have a minor rash, but that’s not the itch I need to scratch.  I’m talking about the itch to get out to the ocean.  It’s been almost 9 months since the last session (some of us don’t live in CA or FL).  

As we’re gearing up to hop in the car and hit the beach, we have to remember to be responsible amidst all of the excitement.  The last thing you want on the way to your first session of the season is your board flying off the top of the car rooftop and into some poor schmuck’s windshield.

So, in honor of that Schmuck, here are the 3 Best Vehicle Racks for getting your board(s) to the beach this summer:

1. Huntington Surfer Gutterless Rack

The Surfer Rack by Huntington is by far one of the best sellers here at Rack Your Board- and for good reason.  Measuring 50” across, the rack fit’s perfectly to most car rooftops.  Built-in adjustable rubber straps makes it easy to secure your board safe and quickly when you’re rushing out to a swell and the rack is pre-equipped with soft rack pads so there’s no unexpected scratched on your baby.

The best part is, this rack comes in at under $100.  Compared to the big boys like Thule or Yamaha, this is a steal, saving you hundreds of dollars you’d otherwise be wasting for a foreign brand name's surf and sup racks for cars  Huntington is a U.S.A company based in, you guessed it, California. Not Sweden or Japan. 

2.  Ocean and Earth Rap Rax

For those who don’t want to keep a rooftop rack on long-term, look no further then this sweet Wrap system from Ocean and Earth.  This rack can be installed in just a few minutes, and is secured by wrapping the two stability cords through the inside of your car.  

Complete with built in, adjustable straps, these racks can hold anywhere from 1-4 boards and are best when driving short distances to the the beach.  The best part of this rack is something that other’s like it simply haven’t figured out yet.

The guys over at O&E produce this rack with twist webbing straps which prevent the wind generated humming noise that’s so common when driving down the road with racks of this style.  On top of this, the straps are UV treated so they won’t fade out and wear after a few months. This is one of our favorite surfboard racks for suv.

3.  Steel core Tailgate Surfboard/SUP Rack

If you drive a truck, chances are you’re used to just throwing your board in the bed and cruising down to the beach.  Some of us have learned the hard way that an insecure board can even make a grown man cry. That's why surf racks for trucks were invented- to dry our tears.

Cue the Steel Core Tailgate Rack.  With a pad measuring 30” across, this rack is big enough to hold any surfboard or SUP securely in your truck bed.  Unlike other tailgate racks, this one has a key locking buckle to keep your board safe from any opportunists in the Grocery Store parking lot.

You may be thinking: “Well, anyone with a knife could just come along and cut the straps pretty easily and steal my board”. A pretty rational thing to be worried about normally, but again, this rack is different.  The straps are lined with Steel and are CUT-RESISTANT.  So, if some asshole tries to steal your baby, he’ll either give up, or be caught in the act.

So when rushing out to the first swell this summer, make sure your board is secure.  For the sake of other drivers, for the sake of your board, and for the sake of having a great time without any unexpected “incidents”.  


April 26, 2015


Surf Racks for Motorcycles - 5 Reasons to Hit the Beach with your Bike

Are you looking for the perfect ride to the beach? Planning on going surfing? If so, then you might want to consider surf racks for motorcycles. Surf racks for motorcycles mean that you can take your bike out for a spin the beach. Using surf racks for motorcycles instead of for your car also means you can enjoy all the great things about taking a motorcycle to the beach. Here, we will talk about a few.

  1. Easier Parking

When you outfit your bikes with surf racks for motorcycles, parking suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. When parking is easier, you can find places closer to the beach. You may even find sweeter spots for hitting the waves!

  1. A More Enjoyable Ride

Who does not love a scenic drive to the beach? Outfitting your bikes with surf racks for motorcycles means you can enjoy even more scenery than you could in your car. Taking your bike to the beach really puts you out there. You get to feel the wind, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the great weather.

  1. Save Money

Do you often take your car to the beach because of its surf rack? If so, you could be losing out by paying extra for gas money. Outfitting your bikes with surf racks for motorcycles can help you to seriously save on overall gas expenses. This might even help you to save money on the entire cost of your trip, meaning you can do more fun things while you are out.

  1. The Girls (and Guys) Love Them

Both guys and gals love to take a spin on a motorcycle. When you roll up on the beach on your bikes outfitted with surf racks for motorcycles, get ready to get some attention. Those interested might just ask you to take them for a spin. Or they may ask you where you got your cool surf board rack at. Either is a great way to strike up conversation.

  1. More Fun!

We firmly believe that taking out your bike instead of your car to the beach is much more fun. Whether you plan to spend a few hours or a few days on the beach, a motorcycle is definitely the cooler, more fun way to go. Especially when you are planning on a surfing trip unlike any other.

April 20, 2015


Surfboard Racks for SUVS - 3 Types of SUV Surf Racks

Thinking of taking your SUV on your next surfing trip? If so, awesome! But before you go, you want to be sure you know about surfboard racks for SUVs. Surfboard racks for SUVs are similar to those for cars, but a bit different. This is because surfboard racks for SUVs must be made to fit your vehicle just so. In this article we will tell you more about surfboard racks in general. We will also take a look at 3 common types of surfboard racks for SUVs.

Soft Racks

Going right down the road? Is the beach you frequent pretty close to you? If so, then you should check out soft racks. These surfboard racks for SUVs are very quickly installed. They normally come with a sort of line or wrap that simply wraps around your board. Soft racks can be used on vehicles with or without gutters. No matter what type of SUV you drive, at least one brand or type will fit your vehicle. Plenty of brands of this type of rack are available some of the more popular ones include Thule and Block Surf.

Hard Racks

When most of us think of surfboard racks for SUVs or any vehicle, really, we are most likely thinking of hard racks. Hard racks are highly recommended if you are traveling long distances, taking your board on a road trip, or will be doing most of your driving on the highway. These racks are designed to be sturdy and to keep your boards safe and secure on long distance drives. Hard racks can only be outfitted to cars that already have gutters in their roofs. Most other vehicles will have to opt for gutterless racks.

Gutterless Surf Board Roof Racks

What do you do when you need the protection of a hard rack, but your SUV does not have gutters? Most cars (about 9 of 10) do not already have gutters. Because of that, there are gutterless surfboard racks for SUVs. Again, these are recommended if you will be covering some distance on your next trip, but would like to bring your board. Thule is yet again another popular brand in this category. Yakima is another. Choose your gutterless rack based upon what various things you may transport on your rack (a bike in addition to your surfboard, for example) as well as your overall budget.

Garage Surfboard Racks - 5 Qualities to Look For in a Surf Rack

When you start surfing, you might not think much about storage. After all, one surfboard doesn’t really take up much space. However, almost anyone who surfs for very long will start to build up a collection of different styles and sizes of surfboards. Once you have enough boards in your quiver, you will start to fret about where to put them all. The perfect storage solution for your surfboards is a surfboard rack in your garage. When you have a surfboard rack garage, you can keep all your boards well organized. Here are the five qualities you should look for in a surfboard rack for your garage.

1. Durability

Over time, your surfboard rack garage will take a beating. You will come in wiped out from a lengthy surf session, and you won’t have time to baby your boards into the rack. You want to look for a surfboard rack that can handle the maximum amount of abuse you can dish out.

2. Ease of Installation

Some surfboard racks will come with a set of instructions that looks like the guide to putting together a nuclear missile. You want to skip those. One of the keys to a great surfboard rack garage is to find one that is simple to install.

3. Money-Back Guarantee

You should never trust any manufacturer that does not stand behind their products. Surfboard racks should be designed to last for the long haul, and this means that any surfboard rack should come with a money-back guarantee that allows you to return it if you are not satisfied with it.

4. Good Review

Before you buy any surfboard rack, you need to make sure that other people who have it like it. You can do this two ways. First, you can talk with people you know who already have surfboard racks in their garages. If they give you a good recommendation, you know you can trust them. You can also check out online reviews to find surfboard racks that come well recommended.

5. Plenty of Storage

You definitely want to avoid the common mistake of buying a surfboard rack garage that is not big enough to handle your ever-expanding quiver. There are very few surfers who do not see their collection of surfboards grow over the years, and this means you want to buy a surfboard rack for you garage that will be able to handle additional boards.

April 06, 2015


5 Reasons Every Surfer Needs Surfboard Racks for Home

Surfboard racks for home are a seriously popular option among both professional and beginning surfers. But why? There are a number of reasons why surfboard racks for home come in handy. On this page we will look at just a few of the most common reasons why our customers opt for surfboard racks for home. After reading this article, you might just want one, too.

  1. Show off Your Board(s)

If you have been collecting surfboards for a bit, chances are you have a couple that you love to show off. Why not show them off in your home, too? Some surfboard racks for home allow you to show off your favorite boards’ right in your living or bedrooms.

  1. Protect Your Equipment

Surfboards, although they seem sturdy, can easily get damaged. When you have paid quite a bit for a particular board, taking this risk simply is not worth it. However, installing and using surfboard racks for home can keep your board safe and away from harm. Prevent scratches, dings, nicks, or other issues.

  1. Make Your Home Look Tidier

Having more than one surfboard can make your home look seriously cluttered. How can you take care of that problem? Surfboard racks for home! These products can allow you to store lots of surfboard all at once. Put them up and get rid of the clutter in your garage or basement.

  1. Save Space

Speaking of getting rid of clutter…surfboard racks for home can help you to save space. You can finally get back part of your garage or basement again with the installation of a simple surfboard rack. In most cases all it takes to install such a rack is a few minutes. But the space that you save after installing one in your home is more than worth it.

  1. You Can’t Always Be Hitting the Waves

As much as we want to, we cannot always be hitting the waves. Having a surfboard rack in your home allows you to have a great place to display, showcase, or just store your surfboard during your off season. Best of all, they will always be right where you left them in your rack come the next time you want to head on out to the beach. No more wondering where your put your favorite board at the end of the season!

March 30, 2015


3 Ways Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Racks Make Your Life Easier

Are you an avid surfer or paddle board user? If so, then you might be thinking of buying stand up paddle board storage racks. And you should! Stand up paddle board storage racks are a great investment for many reasons. Here, we will look at the top three reasons why we love stand up paddle board storage racks and recommend them to customers regularly. If you are on the fence about buying a rack, this article should help you decide.

1. Easily Take Your Gear with You

When we get avid surfers or paddle boarders who travel a lot, we often find ourselves telling them the same thing over and over again: you have to get a rack. Stand up paddle board storage racks for your vehicle allow you to easily take your equipment with you. Not only that, but your equipment stays totally safe while you are traveling. You can get stand up paddle board storage racks for your vehicle, as well as your boat or yacht. Either is a great place to have your board on-hand, if needed.

2. Keep Your Equipment Safe

Want a place to keep your equipment out of the way at home? Want to avoid storing it in less than ideal conditions? Stand up paddle board storage racks installed in your home allow you to keep your board in tip-top conditions between trips to the beach. Your paddle board will be safe, secure, dry, and away from any activity below in your garage, house, or basement that may damage it. We highly recommend this if you have invested a lot of money in your board. Or even if you are looking for a way to extend the life of your favorite board.

3. Know Where Your Equipment Always Is

Not being able to find your equipment when you need it can be a real bummer. With stand up paddle board storage racks, this problem instantly goes away. Keeping your equipment all in one place means that it is totally accessible and always right where you last put it. Having a great storage system not only pays off in protecting your board, but also in protecting your time. So quit storing your board in a place that you are sure you will remember the next time you go to find it. Always know where you equipment is.

March 23, 2015


SUP Racks - 4 Reasons to Get One for your Home or Car

Stand up paddle board racks, also known as SUP racks, are a great investment for either your home, car, or both. Here, we will tell you four of the most common reasons we recommend that our customers get a SUP rack for their home or car. A SUP rack can help to make your life at home or on the go a lot easier. They can also make your space a lot tidier, too.

1. Only Use It When You Need It

Some customers tend to think that SUP racks will get in the way on their car or in their home. Really, that could not be further from the truth. You get to choose when you use your SUP rack. Only use it when you need it, whether you are transporting your board, or storing it for the off season indoors. A few racks, like those for your car, are even easily removable when you do not need them.

2. Get Mobile

Ever wish you could have brought your equipment with you when you are headed to the beach? If so, you need a SUP rack for your car or boat. SUP racks allow you to take your paddle boards, surfboards, and more along for the ride. All you need is the right type for your needs and your car. Then, you are ready to transport your board safely and in a way that can save space.  

3. Save on Space and Frustration

Speaking of saving on space, SUP racks in your home do the same thing. They allow you to store one board or even more all in one relatively small area or your home, or on top of your vehicle. At home, they help keep your boards tidy, clean, and even protect them from potential damage. Best of all, you can save time the next time you need to grab your equipment in a hurry. You will always know right where it is in your home.

4. Store All Kinds of Things

Some SUP racks are not just designed to fit paddle boards. Instead, they can fit other types of equipment, too. This may (or may not) include things like surfboards, your paddle, paddle boards, and more. With just one of these racks you can store all of your needed beach equipment in one place in your garage or home.