5 Essential Items for your Next Surf Trip

You’ve been working all Spring bussing tables on the side to save up, and the time is almost here for a surf trip. In a few weeks, you’ll grab your board, meet the homies, and all pile into Jon’s van (sorry Jon) for the best trip of your life!

But are you prepared?  There’s nothing worse than being up the creek without a paddle ( or in the swell without a fin eh?). This list should be a good place to start for Surf Trip Preparedness.

1. Bananas

Bananas? WTF is this guy talking about?

Hear me out.

Bananas are: 

  1. cheap
  2. super nutritious
  3. loaded with potassium
  4. delicious

If you’re on a budget during this surf trip, bring bananas.  They’re great for breakfast and will help stop you from cramping up while waiting out in the set.

2. Car Rooftop Rack

Yep, that’s right, the guy who sells surfboard racks recommends you get a surf rack for your next trip (big surprise). But consider the alternative: Bungee cords.  Bungees are ghetto as f#&! and could snap at any time while you’re driving or loading/unloading the boards.  The last thing you need is a bungee to the face.

Surfboard Racks for Cars like the Blocksurf Wrap Rax double are inexpensive, fit on almost any rooftop, and can hold up to six boards.  Just think of all the room you’ll have for activities inside the car after you turn the rooftop into a surfboard bunk-bed.

3. Extra Leash

Imagine this: You find the perfect spot, hidden away from the main road.  The swell is immaculate, the beach is empty (other than you and your buds).  You paddle out to catch your first wave and the curl pulls your board a bit too fast.  Your leash (which is too old to begin with) snaps.  You’re screwed.

Pack an extra leash!  They’re inexpensive, light, and take up little room.  Plus, the Eco-Leash by Wave Tribe has a 1 year warranty, So if it breaks, you’ll get a new one for free. It’s a win-win-win.

4. Guitar

For the ladies

5. Board Bag

Don’t be a drag, bring your board bag.  With 3-4 friends traveling with you, there’s bound to be a lot of boards banging and scraping each other during travel.  Protect your board by packing smart-with a lightweight, durable board bag.

The Hemp Travel Board Bag by wave tribe holds 2 boards and comes in every size imaginable (ranging from 6’2” to 9’6”).  It’s also made from hemp (cough cough), but don’t try to smoke it if you run out of buds.

 Want to Add to the List?

Comment Below with other essential items you bring on surf trips.