Best Boat Racks for SUP

Stand up paddleboarding is a fun filled activity which many of the people around the world enjoy. If you also the sort of person who enjoys taking their paddleboard for a nice time out in the waters, then you will be aware of the issues with boat storage. If you don’t have any space in your boat for storing your paddleboards then you will have to look for alternatives such as boat racks. Needless to say, boat racks are highly reliable as they provide you the utmost in terms of convenience and ease.

With the surging popularity of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), boat racks for SUP have become one of the most growing categories of racks. In this blog, we will be taking a look at the Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack available for purchase on our website. Let’s have a look!

Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack

Calfin surf racks are purpose built, superb in terms of functionality, and quite possibly the most convenient racks to mount. Available exclusively on our website, all Calfin surf racks come with the mounting hardware and require considerably little knowhow for successfully mounting them. These racks are proudly manufactured in the USA. What’s more, the raw materials used for manufacturing these racks are also sourced from American suppliers. This means they are a complete USA manufactured product.

The Calfin Boat Mounted SUP rack is extra wide and extra sturdy for accommodating even the “big boy” stand up paddleboards. There are countless benefits of these boat racks. They come with high strength steel box tubing. They connect to 1” stanchions and have foam padding which is super soft in order to provide the best in terms of protection. Other than that, these boat racks also have protective custom vinyl end caps and are ideal for all sizes of SUPs, up to 35 pounds!

Apart from that they also have marine rust protection thanks to the 303 stainless steel as well as the powder coating. These racks further come equipped with all the tools required for mounting the rack. They can hold paddleboards that are up to 5 inches thick. Furthermore, they include two adjustable bungee cords.

The Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack is adjustable to any angle handrail or stanchion. It can be mounted through the use of stainless steel shaft collars that are custom made. It is further designed to mount objects which are 1 inch in terms of diameter. In case your boat has 1 ¼ inches, you can get this rack custom made from us for the same price.

Needless to say, the Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack is one of the best boat racks currently available. So get yours now by ordering it from us!

Surfers Spend only 8% of Time Riding Waves

A recent study by the Sports Performance Research Institute in New Zealand compared the times of average surf sessions to the time surfers were actually engaged in surfing a wave.

The results were low, showing that riding waves accounted for only 8% of total time in the water. Other activities in the water measured included paddling (54% of time) and waiting (28% of time).  Surfers in contests were found to have paddled close to 1 mile, on average, during their short time in the water.

For the full story, check out the story in Surfer Today: 

Surfers only spend 8% of the time riding waves

'73 Dodge Dart Swinger Looking Good with It's New Surf Rack

Our customer and friend Greg Bartlett shared some photos of his 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger with it's new Surfboard Rack on top.  The surf rack in the pictures can be found on our site in the gutter-less version here

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Sustainable Surf Racks - Bamboo by GrassRacks

In line with our own company values, Rack Your Board is extremely proud to now be carrying Grassracks! Grassracks is a company that is doing things the right way, designing super-simple, yet tasteful racks that not only get your boards off of the floor, but do it in style.  On top of that, all of their racks are made of 100% bamboo, a sustainable material that grows back faster than the time it took you to read this. ( OK not really, but still super fast!). Click through the title above to learn more about Grassracks.

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Top 3 Surf Destinations of 2014

Surf Destinations of 2014

Most of our readers are always anxious to load up their surfboard racks in search of that next perfect wave, and this year’s top surfing hot spots might surprise you.  Those who love to travel and experience new adventures know that Hawaii never disappoints, while beaches in Morocco and Puerto Rico are also getting a lot of attention this year.  So grab your surfboard bag, hop on the plane, and head to these top 3 surf destinations of 2014.


Peahi, Hawaii

This tropical location is actually considered one of the most dangerous surf spots on the planet, sitting just off of the North Shore of Maui underneath towering, imposing cliffs that meets some of the most powerful waves imaginable.  Peahi is not for the faint of heart.  Its name means “beckon” in Hawaiian, and the locals have actually nicknamed this area “Jaws”.  The only thing ending the liquid avalanche of water is a massive 300 craggy cliff, so this is not the site for the beginning weekend surfer. 

But for the less experienced, head down to a little town called Paia.  This is a beautiful beach location where the reef breaks enough to provide enjoyment for surfers of all levels.  Just be sure to get up early to beat the high winds. 

Playa Higuero, Puerto Rico

This beautiful beach has been home to many world class surfing competitions in past years, located near a town called Rincon, nicknamed “Pueblo del Surfing”.  Rincon is the perfect tropical paradise to disappear to during the winter. From November to April, you can easily catch rough, 16 foot high waves almost every morning. 

While the surf is too rough for swimming, many vacationers simply enjoy sitting on the beach and watching the real professionals hone their surfing skills.  Aspiring surf pros also load up their surfboard bags and take in the sites at Playa Higuero, considering it a type of seaside “surfing classroom” where such expert professionals such as Laird Hamilton and Mick Fanning have been known to show up completely without warning.

Anchor Point, Morocco

Anchor Point is located in the Agadir region of Morocco in an area names Taghazout.  Swells reach 15 feet high and go as long as 500 m.  The clean lines of this beach give it a 1960’s inspired vibe, boasting three different sections where surfers can enjoy cover ups, right hands, and hollows.  Travel to Morocco between September and April for the biggest waves that are often the result of the North Atlantic Sea Storms that always occur during this time of the year.

The pros also like to head to this Moroccan location because it is easily accessible with waves that break over sand and flat rock providing terrific point breaks.  Traveling to Anchor Point is much easier than you might imagine because it is actually located very close to Europe, cutting travel time and expenses considerably.  So the next time that you are looking to grab your board off of the surf rack for a new high thrills surf spot where the cost of living is cheap, Anchor Point is worth a second look.


Moved By Bikes Surfboard Racks. Check them Out!

An Interview with the Owner of Moved By Bikes Surfboard Racks

Why did you first come up with the idea for the Moved By Bikes Surf rack?

Well we all live within biking distance of the beach in Santa Cruz, but after trying the surfboard racks on the market, we still hadn't quite found one that worked for us.  In particular, we really wanted the bars to quick release.  In my case, I had to get through a gate in my side yard to put my bike and board away, and it just didn't fit with the bars on.  And we all wanted a rack that was easier to ride with a long board, the existing racks on the market were just too shaky and hard to ride with a big board.

( more)


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ASP World Tour 2014 Kicks off with Volcom Pipe Pro

This week on the north shore of Oahu, 112 surfers are competing in this ASP 5 star qualifying event. The Volcom Pipe Pro marks the beginning of a new surf season this year, putting everyone on an equal playing field to show their best stuff.

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How To Choose: 5 types of Surfboard Racks for Car

Surfboard Racks for Car

So, you got a new surfboard and you’re ready to take it to the beach and get in the water before you realize: “How am I going to get the board there?” You could grab some bungee cords and cross your fingers, or you could take a look at some of our rooftop racks.  This guide is meant to help you pick and figure out exactly which rooftop rack you need (depending on your car) as well as give you an inside look at some of our more advanced storage and transport options for your boards.

  1. Rack Pads

If you drive an SUV, chances are that you already have a rack mounted to the roof. Most SUVs today come with some sort of roof rack to accommodate a variety of transport needs including roof boxes, extra luggage, and surfboards.  However, most of the time, these roof racks are made of a hard plastic that could scratch or otherwise damage your board.  If this sounds like your vehicle, you will probably be most happy with Rack Pads. Rack Pads are easy to install with Velcro edges, and can be wrapped around your existing vehicle rack to provide a soft cushion to protect your board from damage.

Rack pads are only designed to protect your board from damage on your existing hard-top roof rack, so your board will still need to be secured using tie-downs or some other kind of rope.

  1. Soft Racks

Soft Roof racks are perfect for cars that you may not want to permanently install a rack onto. Soft Racks such as the Blocksurf Wrap Rax will work on virtually any vehicle as they are adjustable and easily install by wrapping the cords through the inside of your vehicle and tightening the straps to fit.  The extra stability from the rack being secured by your closed car doors make this rack extremely sturdy  while still giving you the option to remove it from your rooftop after each use.

These racks also have adjustable straps on top to secure your surfboard to the rack itself.  No additional tie-downs or ropes are needed when using this type of rack to transport your board.

  1. Hard Racks

Hard roof racks are typically the safest option for transporting your boards, especially for long trips or when traveling at high speeds. There are two types of hard vehicle racks to consider when purchasing and they depend on whether or not your vehicle has rain gutters running along the rooftop.

Classic Rooftop Surf Rack

This rack will require some basic assembly, and generally comes with 2 metal bars wrapped in foam, tension pull straps, and 4 clamps. The 4 clamps will attach directly to your rooftop rain gutter (seen below) as this provides stability for the bars that will run across the top of your vehicle.

Gutterless Rooftop Rack

For cars without a rain gutter, The Gutterless option of a hard roof rack will be the right choice.  Instead of clamps that attach to the car’s rooftop rain gutters, gutterless racks come with 4 small clips that attach to the rubber lining at the top of your car’s door well. Simply open all 4 car doors and attach these clips. Then, pull the tension straps tight and close the doors.  The pressure from the closed doors on the straps will give you the necessary stability to ensure this rack won’t move anywhere, along with the rubber base of the rack which will sit directly on your rooftop.

  1. Tie-Downs

Tie-Downs are essential for extra board security on your rooftop or in the tailgate of your truck.  Tie downs are simple straps that usually come with some sort of tension pull to ensure a snug fit for your surfboard. There are countless varieties of tie downs ranging from the most basic, to those made with Steel Core Security. Your choice will reflect your use.  If you’re simply driving from your house to the beach and back, a more basic model will suffice, but if you’ll be leaving the boards on your rooftop unattended, you may want to consider the higher security tie-down straps to prevent theft.

  1. Tailgate Rack

Surfboard tailgate racks are exactly what they sound like, a more secure way to carry your Surfboard or Stand Up paddle board in the tailgate of your truck.  The tailgate rack includes a foam pad with durability to hold your board while still providing a soft surface to prevent damage.  The pad attaches to the back of your tailgate and includes clinch straps to secure your board and prevent any sliding. These basic racks are essential to those using a truck to transport boards to the beach and not only prevents damage to your board, but also damage to the back of your truck.

Rack Your Board now accepting Bitcoin

In anticipation for Cyber Monday this year, Rack Your Board is proud to support and encourages the use of Bitcoin as a payment option when placing an order on the site.  For those of you unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it is an online cryptocurrency that provides a much more secure payment option.  Cryptocurrencies are not going away, on the contrary, they are the future of online shopping and RYB is proud to support and accept payments in cryptocurrency from now on! View full article →

Carver Surfboard Racks -

If you start a search for a surfboard rack that fits bikes and scooters, you will quickly see one name bubble up in the search results; Carver Surfboard Racks. And for good reason, they rock! Lets have a look at what they are and what makes them the clear choice for racking your board to your bike or moped. View full article →