Best Boat Racks for SUP

Stand up paddleboarding is a fun filled activity which many of the people around the world enjoy. If you also the sort of person who enjoys taking their paddleboard for a nice time out in the waters, then you will be aware of the issues with boat storage. If you don’t have any space in your boat for storing your paddleboards then you will have to look for alternatives such as boat racks. Needless to say, boat racks are highly reliable as they provide you the utmost in terms of convenience and ease.

With the surging popularity of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), boat racks for SUP have become one of the most growing categories of racks. In this blog, we will be taking a look at the Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack available for purchase on our website. Let’s have a look!

Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack

Calfin surf racks are purpose built, superb in terms of functionality, and quite possibly the most convenient racks to mount. Available exclusively on our website, all Calfin surf racks come with the mounting hardware and require considerably little knowhow for successfully mounting them. These racks are proudly manufactured in the USA. What’s more, the raw materials used for manufacturing these racks are also sourced from American suppliers. This means they are a complete USA manufactured product.

The Calfin Boat Mounted SUP rack is extra wide and extra sturdy for accommodating even the “big boy” stand up paddleboards. There are countless benefits of these boat racks. They come with high strength steel box tubing. They connect to 1” stanchions and have foam padding which is super soft in order to provide the best in terms of protection. Other than that, these boat racks also have protective custom vinyl end caps and are ideal for all sizes of SUPs, up to 35 pounds!

Apart from that they also have marine rust protection thanks to the 303 stainless steel as well as the powder coating. These racks further come equipped with all the tools required for mounting the rack. They can hold paddleboards that are up to 5 inches thick. Furthermore, they include two adjustable bungee cords.

The Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack is adjustable to any angle handrail or stanchion. It can be mounted through the use of stainless steel shaft collars that are custom made. It is further designed to mount objects which are 1 inch in terms of diameter. In case your boat has 1 ¼ inches, you can get this rack custom made from us for the same price.

Needless to say, the Calfin Boat Mounted SUP Rack is one of the best boat racks currently available. So get yours now by ordering it from us!

Getting Your Surfboard on the Car Rooftop: The Sportrack Fit Guide

Sportrack Fit Guide

There are the weekend warriors – student or worker drone types, or simply busy with business or family who are city folk during the week, but get out on certain weekends to enjoy all nature has to offer. For these, a soft rack may be the ideal option for mounting their equipment on the roof of their cars. They are quick to set up and take down, and can be fitted to the smallest grocery getter.

There are the serious outdoors people however, who are with their boards/bikes/skis/kayaks/etc. at every available moment. For these, a hard rack is the only way to go. It takes a bit more time, effort and money, but being able to take your gear anywhere in the most secure way possible is priceless. You will usually need to install aftermarket rails and a rack configuration that is specific to your particular vehicle’s make, model and year.

The SportsRack/Blocksurf Rooftop Rack Transport System is a good example of an all-in-one hard rack package to save you the trouble of mixing and matching the different parts of a hard rack. However you will still want to go through their Fit Guide to find the right model for your vehicle.

In the guide, the first thing to do is to find your car’s make, model and year in the first column of the compatibility table. The row your particular car is in will tell you the part number of the appropriate roof rack system. It will also show you whether you have an option for a short roof adapter, the weight limit your configuration will have, what accessories (roof box, board racks, kayak racks, etc.) will be compatible, and even some fit tips specific to certain types of cars.

If your car isn’t on the list or certain options aren’t available, contact us and we’ll help you find the right fit for your needs.

Rado Racks Surf Racks Now Available!


They're here! They're here!.

Rado Racks that is.  Born in the mountains of Colorado.  Constructed of Baltic Birch Wood and fresh mountain air ( along with some solid labor of course).  These racks are hands down, one of our favorite new additions to the store.

The racks are also super functional.  They're designed to fit virtually anything you can think of: Surfboards, Snowboards, Skateboards, Longboards, Skis, and they're rumored to be coming out with a Beast of a SUP rack in early 2015.  If you're on the fence about your next rack, we strongly recommend you check out their Baltic Surf Rack (seen below)




Stand Up Paddleboard Rack (Customer Photos)

Stand Up Paddleboard RackStand Up Paddleboard Rack

The Above images come from our customer and friend, Kevin Clairmont.  Kevin bought the Moose Rack Board Pro, SUP Rack for his racing Stand Up Paddle Board. He required a rack that was sturdy and allowed for generous depth due tot he size of his board.  Here's what else Kevin had to say about the rack:

"Having a degree in architectural design, I have a genuine appreciation for things which are well designed and built with quality in mind, thank you again for such a well designed product"

You can find the Moose Rack Board Pro on our site.  Make sure to check out our other SUP Racks and Surfboard Racks as well.