3 Steps to Get a Custom Made Surf Rack

Looking around our site, I'd say we have a pretty good selection.  From Car Surfboard racks, to surfboard racks for garage, to leashes, to traction pads, we have products listed that will work for about 90% of you guys.  But what happens when we don't have something that you want?

We Make it Happen 

pats self on back :)

Recently, a customer and friend of ours named Michael hit me up looking for something we didn't supply.  Mike had recently installed a ton of slat wall in his garage and needed some racks to fit in the grooves that could hold two of his short boards.  We had never sold slat wall racks before, so I got on the phone with one of our suppliers to see how much trouble it would be to make a custom pair.

Theres a Basic, three step process if you need a custom rack:

1. Send Picture of your space, wall, measurements ect..

There's no such thing as too many pictures.  From basic measurements (seen above) to spacing, to the shape of the groove of the slat wall, the more the merrier.

These pictures sent in by Michael helped the most.  When we're able to measure the exact size of the grooves in the slat wall, we can ensure a rack that fits.  Typically, a slat wall surf rack's clamps are made larger than the grooves, themselves, to ensure a snug fit when factoring in the weight of the surfboard.

2. Send us measurements/ approximate weight of your boards

So we can use the appropriate racks and angles to ensure the board is secure once you hang it up. The measurements and angle of the rack depends on the size of the board.  While we can produce flat wall racks for slat wall, we highly recommend going for an angled rack to ensure the board is secure up against the wall.

3. Order Bad-Ass Custom Racks

If it's possible to get your rack made, we'll make it happen.  We're your guys, your amigos, your brother from another mother, et. all.  Our goal is to make you happy by getting you the gear you need.

Big thanks to Mike for letting us share all of these pics on the blog with you guys.  He provided us with more than enough information and ended up with racks that fit snug on his slat wall.