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If you start a search for a surfboard rack that fits bikes and scooters, you will quickly see one name bubble up in the search results; Carver Surfboard Racks. And for good reason, they rock! Lets have a look at what they are and what makes them the clear choice for racking your board to your bike or moped.

To start with, Carver Racks have the Aloha! spirit. They are hand made in Hawaii and endorsed by big names like Garret McNamara, John John Florence and Megan Abudo to name a few. Endorsements from big names are not the sole reason these racks are so popular. As we all know, celeb's endorse crappy products all the time. But Carver racks are different. They are quality. They look good. They work. And they last. 

If you are a detail oriented person, here is some tech stuff;

- made from tig welded 6061 Alloy ( Translation; its light, tough and wont rust or corrode )

- high quality Nitrile Foam padding for board protection

- every rack comes with 5, 4, & 2.5 Allan wrenches/ rubberized frame clamps/ metric nuts and bolts

Here is a close up of the seat post mounting;

Although we are not curing disease here, another reason we love them is how easy they are to secure to your bike. Literally in just a few minutes, you can have the rack fixed to your bike and your board strapped in ready to go. Here are the super simple, easy to follow mounting intructions for the Mini;

1) Loosen 5mm bolts with 5mm allen wrench
2) Open Clamp
3) Snug bolts back on clamps around seat post
4) Put surf rack on slight angle towards the rear wheel
5) Insert carrier arms into clamps
6) Adjust carrier arms to desired width and tighten all bolts snugly
7) Check push pins

The Carver Max is a bit more beefy, being made for bigger longboards. So reasonably the mounting system is  a little different. Here is a picture of the mounting trap;


And again here are the simple mounting instructions for the Carver Max;

1) Install bike rack to frame with hardware included
2) Insert carrier arms into clamps
3) Adjust carrier arms to desired width
4) Tighten all nuts and bolts snugly
5) Check push pins

Now lastly we come to the Carver Moped/ Scooter Rack. Since scooters don't have seat posts ( duh ) the mounting requires a bit more work. There are too many ways to mount this rack simply because there are so many different types and styles of scooters and mopeds. We cant cover mounting instructions for every type so here is a couple pic's to give you the idea of what the finished product will look like;

Some pretty cool racks hey? Does it make you want one? Well what are you waiting for, surf on over HERE and get one on order. We'll ship it to you super fast. Thanks for reading this post and feel free to make a comment or shoot us an email if you have any questions.

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James Zeller
James Zeller


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