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A few people know the exact surfboard rack they are looking for. Most however, know that they want or need one, but are unsure as to the style, function or durability of the various kinds of surfboard racks. For those who are still in the "shopping" phase, this post will be of use as we list the top 5 racks on our site. ( the metrics we used to calculate the top 5 were number of sales and customer feedback )

Rack #5 - Del Sol 3 Board Angled Wall Rack

For those looking for a wall rack, this one be a constant pleaser. Del Sol racks are made by hand and assembled by hand at the factory meaning there is no assembly needed from you. The only thing you need to be able to do is decide where to mount it and have the tools and know how to secure it to the wall. Soft foam padded support arms, carefully sanded and stained hand selected wood make this rack a proud purcahse. Check it out here in our store.

Rack #4 - Carver Bike Rack Mini

Living near to your favorite surf break is pretty much a dream come true. So when you live close enough to ride your bike or cruiser to the beach, why wouldn't you have a wicked cool bike rack? Carver Bike racks are made by hand in Hawaii. They don't mark or scratch your bike, mounting on your seat post. Ultra lightweight aluminum makes it almost unnoticeable as you ride. The board is secured and protected by foam padding and security straps. This rack looks awesome and functions perfectly! View it here in our store

Rack #3 - Blocksurf Wrap Rax Single

Need a simple soft roof top rack to secure your boards to your vehicle? Blocksurf Wrap Rax Single is the choice for value, quality and ease of use. Simple to attach to your vehicle and quick to secure up to 3 boards. See the specifics here.

Rack #2 - Reef Raxs Quad

Reef Racks surfboard wall racks are the tough guys in the wall racks category. Made light enough so they are not a problem for mounting, but tough enough you feel confident putting 4 boards on the support arms. Soft padding on the arms and end caps so there is no exposed parts to damage your board. Reef Raxs wall racks are a super seller! Find it here.

And for the #1 Rack @ ...

Hawaiian Gun Rack

We really cant say enough about these racks. They look great, are constructed amazing and mount in a snap. Nice enough to put them in your office or living room while never losing strength or function. They come in 2 stain colors, Brunette or Blonde. Have a look here.

And there you have it!!

The top 5 surfboard racks @

James Zeller
James Zeller


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