Calfin Surfboard Racks - Quality Made In The USA

We've just added another line to our collection; Calfin Racks. They are built with quality 5/8" steel box tubing, protective Polyethylene foam padding and high end mounting hardware. All this extra effort makes for a ridiculously good surfboard rack.

When we recently got in in touch with the owner of Calfin Racks, Rob, we could tell right away that there was a passion for the business. "There are a lot of racks out on the market today and some of them pretty fancy. We want to make sure we don't get confused with any of those", remarked Rob. All Calfin racks are of course hand made in San Clemente, California. But going one step further, Rob ensures that all their supplies and raw materials are sourced from US companies, trying his best to have a completely "Made in the USA" product. And that is something he is very proud of.

Calfin Double SUP Ceiling Mounted RackOne of the racks that caught our attention was the Double SUP Ceiling Mounted Rack. It sits 13" from the ceiling giving ample room. But notice the "over bent" positioning on the support arms? Seems simple enough. But just that one small detail gives confidence and safety; your SUP isn't going to slip off and drop to the floor or worse land on someones head. The SUP single ceiling mounted rack has this same feature.

Easy to say we are proud to have Calfin Racks in our store! 





James Zeller
James Zeller


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