RackYourBoard Now Has Nice Rack™

Are you storing your boards with respect?

In our search to find great board storage options, the guys over at The Nice Rack™ caught our attention. The simple design was undoubtedly the 1st law of attraction. But as we dug a little deeper, we found out they use some great raw material for all of their surfboard racks as well. The base material is 1" sturdy steel, handy for boards in the larger category, but great for any size. They powder coat them for moisture protection and wrap them in quality nitrile foam. ( we had to google what "nitrile foam" was ) They are super functional, quick and easy to install and have a great price point!

Check out this quick install video to see how simple these racks are to mount...We are happy to be an authorized dealer for Nice Rack™ surfboard racks. Check out our selection here. We will have them shipped to your door in just a couple days!



James Zeller
James Zeller


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