Surfing with Sharks

By now you've probably seen the startling video of Australian Pro Surfer Mick Fanning's run in with a massive shark at the Jeffreys Bay Open in South Africa on Sunday.  If not, you can peep the video below:

Apparently Fanning hit the Shark with quite a nice right hook while the wave was blocking our view from some of the more intense parts of the encounter.  To anyone who says punching a shark doesn't work, why don't you go explain it to Mr. T?

Proper Shark Punching Technique actually entails aiming for the nose.  Apparently, sharks are more sensitive in this area due to extra nerve endings and are more likely to feel the heat from your jab-jab-right hook.

WARNING: Rack Your Board in no way endorses or recommends punching a shark.  Proceed with caution.

Theres countless stories of a surfer who punched a shark in the nose and got away with it (barely), but obviously this is a last resort.  Anyone who goes looking for Sharks to pick a fight with is not cool.

Let's remember that the ocean is the Shark's home, not ours.  When we go surfing, we're simply visiting, and as gracious visitors we need to realize that no matter how comfortable we are in the water, at the end of the day, we're out of our element, our habitat, and our minds ( according to some ;)





James Zeller
James Zeller


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Seal Penny
Seal Penny

August 28, 2015

Well said, bravo. And all so true. The ocean belongs to those who live in it, and yes we are visiting. Treat all living things with respect in their home. Also, learn about the ocean you surf in. Learn about its tides, currents, and strength. A knowledgeable surfer is a safer surfer.
And yes…..punching a shark in the nose will hopefully cause him/her to leave you alone, but don’t punch a sea lion in the nose for the same reason, it doesn’t work. Just makes them very angry. :) Trust me on that one. ;)

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