How to Fit a Surfboard Rack for Cars on the Curved Roof of a Vintage VW Bug

A recent customer of ours and friend: Ron C, reached out to me with a question:

Which rack will work for my 1970s VW Bug?

The vintage VW bugs look great with a surfboard sitting securely on top the surf rack but the problem for Ron was that every time he tried to find a rack, the curvature in the car's rooftop prevented it from fitting snug.

So what is a man with a cool car and an itch to go surfing to do?

I got on the phone with one of our suppliers for the Huntington Snubber Surfboard Roof Rack-a surfboard and SUP rack for cars that was made specifically for vintage cars. The rack attaches right to the rain gutters of cars that, you know, actually have them!

( when's the last time you saw rain gutters on a car post-1990?)

Anyway, after a little digging around, we got a hold of someone who had purchased the Huntington surfboard rack for cars in the past for their bug and asked them how they made it fit. Guess what they said?

Bend it

That's right.  

Here's a description of what Ron ended up doing to get the rack to fit nice and snug to the Beatle's rooftop:

"It was very easy to bend, I set the roof bar on the ground at a 45 degree angle, bottom of bar facing upwards, put my foot on the center edge of bar and bent it 1/2 inch in center. That’s it. Perfect fit and you can't even tell it was slightly bent.
Simple modification."

And how do bent surfboard racks for cars look afterwards?  Well....


James Zeller
James Zeller


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