3 Ways to Get Your Board to the Beach (without breaking your back)

Summer is upon us and the waves are looking good.  For the lucky few who live on the coast, it’s as easy as looking out your back window, picking up your board of the deck, and walking down to the water.  For the rest of us, the process is a bit more complicated.

Surfboards and Stand Up Paddleboards are heavy, and lugging them a few miles to the shore is easier said then done.  That’s why we’ve outlined the following 3 ways to get your board to the beach (without breaking your back)

1. Walking

Yes, the old, reliable way of transporting just about anything- walking.  If you live within a mile or 2 of the coast, walking makes sense.  For longer distances-well, I hope you have shoes with some arch support.  Carrying your board while walking may seem like a no brainer, and maybe that’s what makes it so god damned annoying.  Switching arms countless times, holding it under the arm with one hand, out in front of you with 2 hands, over the shoulder, etc…  Eventually you’ll get a system down, switching from one maneuver to the next as your hand slips and you drop your board to the ground again and again.

There is a solution for walkers however- Board slings.  Board slings are cheap, they’re simple, and they get the job done while preventing your board from getting dinged up miles away from the actual swell.

2.  Riding a Bike

For those within a 5 mile radius of the water,  taking a nice ride on your bike is a good way to warm up the legs before a solid session.  Chances are, you’ve tried holding your board under your arm while riding your bike to the beach before.  How did that work out?  Most likely, it resulted in more than a few drops, a sore arm, and some pre-surf exhaustion.  You need a surf rack for bike to help get you there.

Several surfboard racks for bikes are even detachable so you don’t have to leave the damn thing on while you’re just riding your bike around on a daily basis. Instead of uninstalling and re-installing the rack, why not just pop it on when you’re heading to the beach?  Plus, you won’t be floored from holding the board and biking with one hand, which by the way is a bit of a safety hazard ;)

3.  Taking the Car

For those us us who live 10 miles or more from the beach, the car is really the only viable option to get there- we don’t have all day after all!

Depending on the type of car you have, there are several different options for transporting your board.  For small cars, there are surfboard racks for car rooftops.  For pickup trucks, there are surf and sup racks for trucks beds.  For even larger vehicles, you’ll need surfboard racks for suv.

No matter what your vehicle type, there is always a way to attach and secure your board, so there are no unexpected surprises in the windshield of whoever is driving behind you.

So get out there!  The surf looks great!  Just remember to have a plan ahead of time for transporting your board, or you could end up with dings from the sidewalk instead of the swell. 

James Zeller
James Zeller


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