Surfboard Racks for SUVS - 3 Types of SUV Surf Racks

Thinking of taking your SUV on your next surfing trip? If so, awesome! But before you go, you want to be sure you know about surfboard racks for SUVs. Surfboard racks for SUVs are similar to those for cars, but a bit different. This is because surfboard racks for SUVs must be made to fit your vehicle just so. In this article we will tell you more about surfboard racks in general. We will also take a look at 3 common types of surfboard racks for SUVs.

Soft Racks

Going right down the road? Is the beach you frequent pretty close to you? If so, then you should check out soft racks. These surfboard racks for SUVs are very quickly installed. They normally come with a sort of line or wrap that simply wraps around your board. Soft racks can be used on vehicles with or without gutters. No matter what type of SUV you drive, at least one brand or type will fit your vehicle. Plenty of brands of this type of rack are available some of the more popular ones include Thule and Block Surf.

Hard Racks

When most of us think of surfboard racks for SUVs or any vehicle, really, we are most likely thinking of hard racks. Hard racks are highly recommended if you are traveling long distances, taking your board on a road trip, or will be doing most of your driving on the highway. These racks are designed to be sturdy and to keep your boards safe and secure on long distance drives. Hard racks can only be outfitted to cars that already have gutters in their roofs. Most other vehicles will have to opt for gutterless racks.

Gutterless Surf Board Roof Racks

What do you do when you need the protection of a hard rack, but your SUV does not have gutters? Most cars (about 9 of 10) do not already have gutters. Because of that, there are gutterless surfboard racks for SUVs. Again, these are recommended if you will be covering some distance on your next trip, but would like to bring your board. Thule is yet again another popular brand in this category. Yakima is another. Choose your gutterless rack based upon what various things you may transport on your rack (a bike in addition to your surfboard, for example) as well as your overall budget.

James Zeller
James Zeller


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