5 Reasons to Get a Surfboard Rack for Your Garage

photo by customer Kevin Clairmont 

As with many other sports or activities, protecting surfing equipment to ensure its longevity is key to having a great time without worrying about heavy maintenance or high replacement costs. Surfboard racks for garage walls and rooms are proven to not only help them last longer, but to provide a creative piece to the area. Here are 5 reasons to get a surfboard rack for your garage.

1. They are practical.
Racks for the garage are sturdy and made with strong materials that will support your board in all of the right places. Whether the boards are custom or bought "as is," they can be expensive and hard to replace. Without the use of a rack, the surfboard can lose some of its original shape and performance, which will be sure to cause a wipeout and maybe even a broken board. 

2. They are stylish.
They are many styles of racks to choose from including: bamboo, foam, steel, plastic, wood, and aluminum. Some have straps, others have padded arms or hang from the ceiling. Whether they are vertical or horizontal, the boards are displayed and organized. Choosing a rack gets to show off your creative side just as much as choosing your boards did. 

3. They remind you to use your board.
Seeing your favorite surfboard all the time will undoubtedly remind you to take the next opportunity you get to ride some waves. Immediate access to throw it on you car rack will make the trip a lot easier to pack for during spontaneous occasions.

4. They are convenient.
Surfboards can get pretty large and take up a lot of space if you have multiple. Surfboard racks for garage walls or rooms provide a place where it belongs. The boards can be a hassle, but with a rack, you know where they are supposed to be returned for storage because that space has become the designated spot.

5. They are affordable. 
While some people may choose to make their own cheap racks, the ones sold in stores or online are already quite affordable. Depending on the style and how many boards you need mounted or displayed, some racks are only $20. 

James Zeller
James Zeller


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