The Journey to Sustainable: Hemp Surfboard Bags, Recycled Boardsox, and More

For those of you who have been following along since I took over Rack Your Board in August 2013, you know that we've been reaching towards the goal of becoming 100% Eco Friendly. This week, we made a huge stride towards that goal by partnering up with Derek Dodds and the awesome team over at Wave Tribe.

I hadn't heard of Wave Tribe before a few weeks ago but after doing some research, found out that they have been making some huge splashes in the surfing world since coming together.  After talking with Derek for a while about sustainability, surfing, saving the ocean, and all of the awesome non-profits like Surfrider Foundation that we both support, the only logical next step was to partner up.

So, over the last few weeks, I've been integrating awesome Wave Tribe products all over the site. Their surfboard bags are made from high quality eco hemp making them both tough and sustainable- not to mention the superb stitching and top of the line zippers on their bags.  They also use the eco hemp to make rooftop car surfboard racks that are priced lower than a lot of the big name brands.

The Wave Tribe Eco Boardsocks are sick as well- made from recycled P.E.T. After consumer recyclables have been collected and sorted by type at recycling centers, PET products are crushed, pressed into bales, shredded, and refined into PET flakes. These flakes are transformed into the raw materials that innovative companies transform into new products- like Wave Tribe Eco Boardsocks.

The Eco Surfboard Socks are capped off with a reinforced 5mm padded hemp nose for extra protection ( don't try to smoke it ;)


Wave Tribe also makes Surf Leashes from recycled plastic bottles! AND deck pads made from reinforced Cork.

Cork? Seriously.

Cork is stronger than plastic, while providing an even better grip for your feet.  On top of that, its lighter than plastic surfboard traction pads and naturally REPELS water and because it's made of soft cork, your knees won't get cut up while paddling out.

I could seriously go on forever about these guys- they are doing everything right and definitely fit in with the long term vision we have here at Rack Your Board, but the final, and probably the coolest thing they do is this:

Wave Tribe offers a full ONE YEAR warranty on all of their products.  This isn't some "sounds good on paper but not in practice" warranty either- it's the real deal.  If your leash breaks, Derek will send you another one for free- no joke.

Check out our new "Eco-Friendly" Category on the site which features products by Wave Tribe and our friends at Grassracks who make surfboard wall racks from bamboo. Little steps like these go a long way. By using eco-friendly products you can ensure the oceans, mountains and all of Mother Nature's beauty that we all enjoy so much is preserved for generations to come. 

James Zeller
James Zeller


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