5 Reasons Why Snowboarding is Better than Freestyle Skiing

If you have ever tried snowboarding then I won't need to convert you. The pure joy of freestyling on a powdery paradise is something you need try only once before you are hooked. If you ride, you know. Apparently the news from resorts this year is not good for fans of the sport, as the uppity newcomer of freestyle skiing gains in popularity. Snowboard wall racks are filling up with new style double tipped, shaped and fat skis. It is all in jest - the old us-versus-them mentality is long gone. But for those who are thinking of taking to the slopes this winter, here are five reasons why you should strap one board to your feet rather than two.

There is just so much more scope for artistic touches on a board - all that space to cover with cool graphics. Whether you are riding a hire or get your own custom board, it is just so satisfying seeing that art. A snowboard on a snowboard wall mount could be a piece of modern art - a home decorating touch as well as a kick-ass mode of travel. 

You can't deny it. Those young upstarts with their new fangled skis are coming late to a party that started way back when. Everybody knows snowboarders are the ones who know how to have a good time. They have the method, they have the skills, they even have their own crazy language. Do skiers have that? No, they just bummed it from the snowboarders!

Comfy Boots
The boots are just so much more comfortable. And you get to sit down to get hooked up, chill out and have a chat while you're at it. Far more relaxed than the old clunk click of the ski boots and bindings. 

Flex and Pop
Even with all the new innovations of slopestyle skis, it still just isn't the same. A snowboard just gives you that flex and pop that propels you to epic greatness. There is nothing that beats that feeling of getting it just right and feeling that perfect spring, then -crack - you're airborne. You just have to watch the greats at it - why not head for one of the championship competitions to see demonstrations from some of the best boarders and freeskiers. An excellent chance to compare the two sports.

Freestyle would not exist without Snowboarding
Face it: skiers are just trying to pull off the same cool stunts that boarders have been doing for years. Who are the freeski freaks trying to kid? Snowboarding is the original and still the best when it comes to freestyling.

If you still need some convincing you can head to one of the worldwide competitions like Xgames Aspen where you can compare some of the best snowboarders and skiers in the world. Some gnarly tricks and some gnarly folks are to be found there. Debate with them about why snowboarding is better than freestyle skiing - or just forget the whole thing and have a great time!

You'll be buying a snowboard wall mount to display your favorite board before you know it!

James Zeller
James Zeller


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