5 Reasons Snowboarding is Better than Crossfit


By now, most of us have come to realize that our New Year's Resolutions are harder to commit to then we had originally planned.

Come on, I know I'm not the only one that thinks that going to a gym and lifting heavy objects for an hour every day is about as entertaining as that Fly episode of Breaking Bad.

But there's good news- there's more than one way to meet your goal of working out more, and you can  actually have fun while doing it. Here are the 5 reasons Snowboarding is better than Crossfit.

1. Snowboarding IS working out

Despite what your Facebook friend who's addicted to Crossfit might think, Snowboarding is actually a really great workout.  Consider this: slaloming down a mountain works out two major muscle groups: your legs and your core. Because you're operating in a squatted position while fixed to the board, you also may experience the hidden benefit of snowboarding your way to a great butt. Do some pushups at the top of the mountain before each run, and you've basically just completed a half-marathon. Demand that someone give you a medal.  

2. You're Outside

Seasonal Depression- it happens. You can either waste away inside of a thin-walled room of weights that smells like feet and sweat, or you can hit the slopes- soaking in the occasional sun and crisp mountain air.  If you still want to experience the sweet scent of feet and sweat, you also have the option to smell your socks after a long day of riding- no judgement over here.

3. Mentally Stimulating

Snowboarding is mentally challenging on all levels.  From picking out your route down the mountain, to planning out tricks in the park during your run, there are tons of neurons firing off inside your brain as you convert instantaneous planning into physical motion.  I don't care how many times you deadlift 300 pounds, you're probably thinking of your grocery list in between each set. Don't forget the protein powder bro.

4. Food Fuel

Anyone who has a bit of experience on the slopes can tell you one thing that seems to be unanimous across all mountain resorts- the food is overpriced and not good for you.  So what is one to do?

Plan ahead and pack a healthy lunch- full of fruits and veggies, and keep it in your locker or car for easy access when you take a break.  With the option to plan ahead, you can bring as much food as you want and you'll pay $1 at most to access/ re-lock your storage unit in the locker room.

5. You Feel the Benefit

How many times have you run like a rat on a treadmill for an hour and afterwards thought "I barely broke a sweat"?

That definitely won't happen on the mountain.

Between constantly turning as you head down the mountain and the occasional bail, trust me when I say you're going to feel the burn later that day when trying to mount your snowboard to the top of the car rack, and probably the day after that as well.  Snowboarding isn't some lallygagging joy ride down the mountain in pastel pants- the 80s are over. Taking a day to snowboard almost always translates to hard (but fun) workouts.

So, when looking for a way to stay fit after you abandon your New Years Resolution to hang out in a locker room all day, consider Snowboarding.  It's fun, mentally challenging, and a great workout.  Also, as an added bonus, there is no pre-requisite diet or supplement that you have to take to participate in Snowboarding, and unlike Crossfit, it's actually a sport ;)


James Zeller
James Zeller


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