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In line with our own company values, Rack Your Board is extremely proud to now be carrying Grassracks! Grassracks is a company that is doing things the right way, designing super-simple, yet tasteful racks that not only get your boards off of the floor, but do it in style.  On top of that, all of their racks are made of 100% bamboo, a sustainable material that grows back faster than the time it took you to read this. ( OK not really, but still super fast!). We’ve decided to partner up with Grassracks not only because their products rock, but also because they have the right mindset about our industry.  They understand that your board is art and you should display it as such. Also, there’s the fact that they use sustainable products and are an environmentally friendly company, earning our seal of approval with much excitement! Check out our interview with co-founder Evan Hajas below and learn more about what it takes to start and maintain an eco-friendly business. And don't forget to get your new Grassracks Surfboard Racks here at Rack Your Board when you finish reading!


What first gave you guys the idea to start a surf rack company?

We had a bunch of boards ourselves ( surf, skate, snow, etc..) and a ton of empty wall space.  We needed to hang our boards but were also looking for art to fill the walls. Racks became that happy medium. After looking for racks, we couldn’t find a solution to store the boards and display them in a nice looking way.  Most racks were just focused on storage only, not displaying the boards for what they are- art.


How is being based in Philly? What are your go-to local spots for surf?

Yea, we’re based here for now just because that where we all lived when the business started.  We’re planning to move to a more coastal city in the next 2 years. As far as spots here go, basically we just have the Jersey Shore.  Not the best, but better than nothing.  Also, being based in PA, we’re close to the mountains once winter comes around, so it’s not too bad.


When did you decide to make the racks responsibly? How did you decide on bamboo?

We experimented with a few other materials first, a lot actually, including Maple but nothing looked that great and aligned with our company values.  Andy was working as a mechanical engineer at the time and I think he had a customer that wanted to use bamboo for a project.  As soon as we saw the bamboo ply, we knew it was what we were going with from there on out. The Bamboo not only looks awesome, but it’s a super strong material.  I mean, it basically produces a superior product to traditional wood and grows back in about one month as opposed to 60 years for a tree. That’s also how we came up with the name “Grassracks” because bamboo is essentially a grass.


What’s your favorite rack that you make?

We obviously love all of our racks but if I had to pick just one, I’d have to say our Bike Rack, The Rackcylcle. Don’t get me wrong, I love the board racks a ton, but the rackycle fully encompases what we’re trying to do as a company.  It’s super simple, easy to install, functional in that it holds your bike and has additional hooks, plus it acts as an extra shelf in your home and looks good.  All of these things encapsulate what we want to portray. We’re here to make simple, functional products that work (and look) really good. While being gentle on the environment at the same time. Simplicity, Functionality, Sustainability.


Where do you see the company going in the next 5 years?

Like I said before, we’re definitely looking to move to a coastal town in the next 2 years. But as a greater goal, we want to be known as the go-to for display racks for the home.  As an extension of that, we’re looking to expand into the home-décor market. Not only do our racks and shelves provide a great function, but they look good doing it. We want to emphasize that. Overall, we’ve really seen a disconnect between the care people put into purchasing their board, and what they do once they get home. Take snowboarding for example, on average, people are taking hours of researching products online, looking at different designs, styles, different binding, boots, graphics, everything. And they invest $300+ on this great board, this piece of art, and then they get home and store it on their basement floor. We want to show people a way to display their boards in a functional and visually pleasing way.


To learn more about Grassracks, and their mission, visit


James Zeller
James Zeller


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