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An Interview with the Owner of Moved By Bikes Surfboard Racks

Why did you first come up with the idea for the Moved By Bikes Surf rack?

Well we all live within biking distance of the beach in Santa Cruz, but after trying the surfboard racks on the market, we still hadn't quite found one that worked for us.  In particular, we really wanted the bars to quick release.  In my case, I had to get through a gate in my side yard to put my bike and board away, and it just didn't fit with the bars on.  And we all wanted a rack that was easier to ride with a long board, the existing racks on the market were just too shaky and hard to ride with a big board.

How did you get things rolling at first? Any trouble with finding a manufacturer, distributors, ect?

Our team has well over a decade of product design experience and strong manufacturer relationships in other industries, so we were well set up there for success.

Obviously you guys use your own racks but to someone who doesn’t know as much about the market, why are they the best?

We are really proud of what we've accomplished with the rack design - our patent pending spline features on the tubes allow for a super simple push button quick release, it really couldn't be simpler.  And we designed the racks to mount to the front head tube of the bike which is why it is so stable to ride even with your long board.  But we're proud of many of the other design features as well - the all aluminum and stainless construction means that the rack is ready for a lifetime of exposure to saltwater.  The clamping hardware is super versatile, supporting the 3 "standard" mounting locations as well as a ton of other ways you can mount these things.  We even have people mounting the racks to motorcycles and mopeds, it's pretty easy to adapt to all sorts of different bikes, scooters, and even motorcycles.

Do your racks just fit cruiser bikes or can they mount to other types as well?

As we mentioned above, we knew the racks needed to fit on beach cruisers, but we actually started with our own townie bikes, which all had rear carrier racks already installed on them.  So we focused on a set of hardware that would mount to the head tube up front, and the rear rack in the back, and then we adjusted the head tube hardware to make sure it would work on the seat post as well for bikes that didn't have rear racks installed.  Every bike out there has a head tube and a seat tube and most can take a rear rack, so you can mount these racks on just about anything.  We've got people mounting them on their beach cruisers, their town bikes, their tandem bikes, their road bikes, even full suspension mountain bikes!  

Is there any advice you would give to our readers who might be thinking about starting a company of their own in the extreme sports industry?

Well it's always gratifying to pull a team together, develop a product, and see it get to market, but most people underestimate the amount of time and money that it will take to have success.  We feel very fortunate to have such a great team working together to develop the products and get them out the door.  We intend to keep innovating and improving on the products we have out, and we have more stuff in the works, so stay tuned!

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James Zeller
James Zeller


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