ASP World Tour 2014 Kicks off with Volcom Pipe Pro

This week on the north shore of Oahu, 112 surfers are competing in this ASP 5 star qualifying event. The Volcom Pipe Pro marks the beginning of a new surf season this year, putting everyone on an equal playing field to show their best stuff.

The best part about the Volcom Pipe Pro is that it allows local Hawaiian competitors a chance to earn a spot to the Pipe Masters competition later this year.  In fact, the top eight Hawaiians will receive the 8 local spots for Pipe Masters and will have a chance to represent the Island later this year in the last event of the tour.

Coverage for this event varies as the 3 days are scattered throughout the holding period of January 26th to February 7th. You can peep the preview video below or follow the live action here.


James Zeller
James Zeller


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