Stylish Danny Davis takes Gold at Xgames Superpipe.

The Xgames Snowboard Superpipe competition is always the last event at the Winter X Games each year. And each year, there are some things that the viewers expect. Those tuning in are used to seeing a slick, icy pipe at nighttime in Aspen, they’re used to seeing a crowd gathered at the bottom, and lastly, they’re used to seeing the one and only flying tomato, Shaun White, shredding through the pipe and taking the Gold Medal. This year however, things seemed different.

With the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Shaun White and several other athletes opted out of the Snowboard Superpipe competition in Aspen this year and honestly, it was noticeable. While fellow American Olympian Danny Davis took Gold, it seemed that there was a noticeable gap between him and the other final eight.

Davis took gold with a run oozing with style and creativity, starting off with a huge backside 360, landing switch and riding directly into a massive switch method air. His momentum carried him into a 1080 followed by a double crippler, after which he finished things off with a noticeably stylish Mctwist and a huge frontside double cork 1080. Davis was definitely siked, stating earlier in the day that he would rather take home an Xgames gold than one in Sochi.

That being said, the story of the night could’ve been much different if challenger Yuri Podlavchikov(nicknamed i-pod) could’ve pulled out the “Yolo flip” (an inverted 1440 variation), which he barely clipped the deck of the pipe on the last run trying. With this exception, Danny Davis’ gold almost seemed too easy, which he reflected in his interview after the event, stating that it was “bitter-sweet” without Shaun White present and that he was, “excited for the two to go toe to toe at Sochi in a few weeks”.

So, while the X games never disappoint, this year’s Superpipe competition left viewers anxious for the upcoming events in Sochi. With Danny Davis working his way back from injury over the last few years and now riding the best of his career, it will be interesting to see him and his American teammate putting it all on the line for Olympic gold in a few weeks.


Rank Rider Run 1 Run 2 Run 3  Best
1 Danny Davis 37.66 95.00 93.66 95.00
2 Louie Vito 10.66 93.00 16.00 93.00
3 Greg Bretz 89.33 87.00 21.33 89.33
4 Scotty James 65.00 85.33 88.00 88.00
5 Ben Ferguson 49.33 87.00 43.33 87.00
6 Iouri Podladtchikov 30.00 31.00 83.33 83.33
7 Yiwei Zhang 81.66 26.00 52.00 81.66
8 Benji Farrow 23.33 6.66 59.00 59.00

James Zeller
James Zeller


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