The Pro Skateboard Display Rack

Pro Board Racks

Check it out! This floor storage rack lets you keep all your skateboards, longboards, and snowboards neatly stored and out of the way. No need to hang this one on the wall or use hardware and tools to assemble it. The whole thing fits together with just 4 pieces! 2 cross beams with grooves let you snap this rack together in seconds and you've got a rock solid board rack! Super easy installation and simple to take down if you want to move it. Works as a skateboard rack, longboard rack, snowboard rack, or wakeboard rack. It doesn't get much better than this display rack!





  • Solid construction.
  • Six angled slots cradle your boards
  • Slots are thick enough to hold skateboards, snowboards, longboards, and wakeboards 
  • No screws, no hardware, no screwdriver! Simply fit the grooved cross beams together and that's it!
48" tall, 18" deep, 16" wide