Vertical Surfboard Rack| 2 to 7 Board

Pro Board Racks

This Vertical Surfboard Rack is an attractive and efficient way to store lots of surfboards vertically. If you are looking to store your boards like they do in surf shops, this is it. The vertical storage makes it easy to fit a lot of boards in a small space. If you're limited in the amount of horizontal space you have to put your surfboards, then we highly recommend this rack because even the 7-board version only occupies 52" of space! 

Each rack comes with 16" long arms with 3/4" padding that will prevent your boards from slipping out and won't ding or dent your boards. We offer this rack in a variety of sizes from 2 boards to 7 boards. Customize to fit your exact storage needs. 


  • Solid construction.
  • 16" arms are solid birch 3/4" inch thick with foam padding to protect your boards
  • Routed finished edges
  • 4 pre-drilled screw holes and mounting  for easy hanging


  • 16" long solid birch arms
  • 3/4" thick foam padding
  • 4 pre-drilled screw holes
  • 2 Board = 12" wide
  • 3 Board = 18" wide
  • 4 Board = 26" wide
  • 5 Board = 35" wide
  • 6 Board = 43" wide
  • 7 Board = 52" wide