Surfers Spend only 8% of Time Riding Waves

A recent study by the Sports Performance Research Institute in New Zealand compared the times of average surf sessions to the time surfers were actually engaged in surfing a wave.

The results were low, showing that riding waves accounted for only 8% of total time in the water. Other activities in the water measured included paddling (54% of time) and waiting (28% of time).  Surfers in contests were found to have paddled close to 1 mile, on average, during their short time in the water.

For the full story, check out the story in Surfer Today: 

Surfers only spend 8% of the time riding waves

'73 Dodge Dart Swinger Looking Good with It's New Surf Rack

Our customer and friend Greg Bartlett shared some photos of his 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger with it's new Surfboard Rack on top.  The surf rack in the pictures can be found on our site in the gutter-less version here

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Shirts for your Time On Shore

We recently connected with another great online company in the surf industry and wanted to give them a quick shout out here on the blog. provides a ton of customizeable t-shirt designs for a few different industries, one being ours.  So we decided to try out some of their products and were blown away.  The shirts are made of some of the softest cotton that has ever touched skin, and the shirts come pre broken- in, so you're not dealing with those sleeve creases some brands have.  The best part has to be the design though.  We customized a few colors of our favorite shirts and they're now in the lineup every week here at RYB.  If you have some extra surfboard racks on the wall, why not hang up a few new t-shirts on the arms? Check them out here.

Sustainable Surf Racks - Bamboo by GrassRacks

In line with our own company values, Rack Your Board is extremely proud to now be carrying Grassracks! Grassracks is a company that is doing things the right way, designing super-simple, yet tasteful racks that not only get your boards off of the floor, but do it in style.  On top of that, all of their racks are made of 100% bamboo, a sustainable material that grows back faster than the time it took you to read this. ( OK not really, but still super fast!). Click through the title above to learn more about Grassracks.

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Top 3 Surf Destinations of 2014

Surf Destinations of 2014

Most of our readers are always anxious to load up their surfboard racks in search of that next perfect wave, and this year’s top surfing hot spots might surprise you.  Those who love to travel and experience new adventures know that Hawaii never disappoints, while beaches in Morocco and Puerto Rico are also getting a lot of attention this year.  So grab your surfboard bag, hop on the plane, and head to these top 3 surf destinations of 2014.


Peahi, Hawaii

This tropical location is actually considered one of the most dangerous surf spots on the planet, sitting just off of the North Shore of Maui underneath towering, imposing cliffs that meets some of the most powerful waves imaginable.  Peahi is not for the faint of heart.  Its name means “beckon” in Hawaiian, and the locals have actually nicknamed this area “Jaws”.  The only thing ending the liquid avalanche of water is a massive 300 craggy cliff, so this is not the site for the beginning weekend surfer. 

But for the less experienced, head down to a little town called Paia.  This is a beautiful beach location where the reef breaks enough to provide enjoyment for surfers of all levels.  Just be sure to get up early to beat the high winds. 

Playa Higuero, Puerto Rico

This beautiful beach has been home to many world class surfing competitions in past years, located near a town called Rincon, nicknamed “Pueblo del Surfing”.  Rincon is the perfect tropical paradise to disappear to during the winter. From November to April, you can easily catch rough, 16 foot high waves almost every morning. 

While the surf is too rough for swimming, many vacationers simply enjoy sitting on the beach and watching the real professionals hone their surfing skills.  Aspiring surf pros also load up their surfboard bags and take in the sites at Playa Higuero, considering it a type of seaside “surfing classroom” where such expert professionals such as Laird Hamilton and Mick Fanning have been known to show up completely without warning.

Anchor Point, Morocco

Anchor Point is located in the Agadir region of Morocco in an area names Taghazout.  Swells reach 15 feet high and go as long as 500 m.  The clean lines of this beach give it a 1960’s inspired vibe, boasting three different sections where surfers can enjoy cover ups, right hands, and hollows.  Travel to Morocco between September and April for the biggest waves that are often the result of the North Atlantic Sea Storms that always occur during this time of the year.

The pros also like to head to this Moroccan location because it is easily accessible with waves that break over sand and flat rock providing terrific point breaks.  Traveling to Anchor Point is much easier than you might imagine because it is actually located very close to Europe, cutting travel time and expenses considerably.  So the next time that you are looking to grab your board off of the surf rack for a new high thrills surf spot where the cost of living is cheap, Anchor Point is worth a second look.


Moved By Bikes Surfboard Racks. Check them Out!

An Interview with the Owner of Moved By Bikes Surfboard Racks

Why did you first come up with the idea for the Moved By Bikes Surf rack?

Well we all live within biking distance of the beach in Santa Cruz, but after trying the surfboard racks on the market, we still hadn't quite found one that worked for us.  In particular, we really wanted the bars to quick release.  In my case, I had to get through a gate in my side yard to put my bike and board away, and it just didn't fit with the bars on.  And we all wanted a rack that was easier to ride with a long board, the existing racks on the market were just too shaky and hard to ride with a big board.

( more)


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Tony Hawk's New Hoverboard video

By now, many of you have seen this Marty McFly-esque video of a real-life hoverboard that was recently introduced by the HUVr company.  When we first saw this video here at RYB, I was strongly considering giving up everything and dedicating my life to becoming a Hoverboard pro (because when you were a kid and thought about the future, what did you think about? Hoverboarding, Duh)

Check out the video above and let us know what tricks you think could be pulled on this thing in the comments below. Oh and by the way, unfortunately, the video is fake, but at least its a step in the right direction of epicness.

88 MPH.


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The 5 Athletes to Watch for in Olympic Snowboarding this Year



With the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi fast approaching, snowboarders everywhere are getting pumped up. Why? You ask. Maybe it has something to do with the U.S. domination of the event over the past few games. Perhaps, even, it is due to the fact that one Shaun White is rumored to have the triple cork in his back pocket, ready to go at the right moment.

Personally, here at Rack Your Board, we’re excited because the amount of talent in this year’s Olympic snowboarding competitions is better than it has ever been. Take Ayumu Hirano, for example. This kid is 15 years old and is ranked in the top 3 in the world. A 15 year old has a chance of taking down Shaun White, who’s arguably the most talented snowboarder ever. That’s pretty impressive. 

Click the Title, we’ve profiled 5 snowboarding athletes to keep your eye on in this year’s Olympic games. While there are countless other athletes that have a shot this year, these gems are the ones that will be the most fun to watch.

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ASP World Tour 2014 Kicks off with Volcom Pipe Pro

This week on the north shore of Oahu, 112 surfers are competing in this ASP 5 star qualifying event. The Volcom Pipe Pro marks the beginning of a new surf season this year, putting everyone on an equal playing field to show their best stuff.

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Felix Baumgartner Extreme Superbowl Ad

For those of you who don't remember, the above video was shot back in October 2012 and includes Felix Baumgartner breaking the World Record for skydiving, reaching 39 km (24 miles) and breaking the sound barrier.

Our friends over at GoPro are using the footage from this jump in an upcoming SuperBowl commercial during SuperBowl XLVIII this weekend.

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