Home Made Skateboard Rack

So after tripping on our boards in the garage for a while, we thought about how to make our own rack to get the boards off the floor and out of our way when not in use. We rounded up a few scrap pieces of wood, some screws, glue, cordless drill, tape measure and some other assorted tools. It isn't the best looking thing but it's functional.

It doesn't fit our boards all the well because we didn't measure for the trucks. Rookie mistake.

Total time including set up and clean up - 3.5 hours. Results? Not bad. Had fun. But truthfully this rack is WAY better. This is what we were trying for but kinda missed the mark a bit. It even has helmet hooks, something we didn't think of.


It is the 4 board rack form Del Sol Racks. Here is a couple more pic's...

Although we enjoyed working with our hands and experimenting a bit, the beautifully finished skateboard racks from Del Sol are the way to go. They also make racks for every other kind of board. Check out their full line of board racks HERE. They have surfboard, skateboard, wakeboard and snowboard racks.






James Zeller
James Zeller


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